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Higher Education


  • Epidemiologic Studies/Needs Assessments Through Surveys

    Epidemiologic studies (or needs assessments) are typically done through carefully designed surveys. Jerry’s organization, The Evaluation Support Group, Inc., has been providing technical assistance and data analysis support to schools in Ohio interested in conducting these surveys. Many of the schools are large (more than 1,000 students) and the survey instruments themselves can be lengthy (see example survey below). Thus, the data entry challenge for a thorough student needs assessment survey can be substantial.

  • How a Leading Hospital Uses Remark Office OMR for Regulatory Compliance

    Stephanie P provides overall management for the Patient Care Services Performance Improvement program that includes seven Quality Indicators. Patient data is analyzed and benchmarked against other hospitals. Reports are then provided to internal management and outside regulatory agencies.

  • Switching from Online to Paper Course Evaluations to Increase Response Rates

    See how the American Gastroenterological Association switched from online to paper course evaluations to improve their response rate from 6% to 34%.



  • Remark Office OMR assists with data collection and analysis of conference evaluation forms

    Remark Office OMR assists a Non-Profit organization with data collection and analysis of conference evaluation forms.

  • Remark Products in Action: Glenmoore Eagle Little League Player Assessments

    Creating fair and balanced little league teams is a very complex process. Glenmoore Eagle Little League strives to create teams with a 50/50 win-to-loss ratio, making the season enjoyable for all the children and parents. In the past this goal was achieved by manually entering talent ratings of every child into a spreadsheet. This was a painstakingly slow process, so three years ago they started using Remark Office OMR® to scan and process player evaluation forms saving an enormous amount of time and effort for the volunteers who perform these functions.

  • Scanning Conference Evaluations with Remark Office OMR

    Expanding Your Horizons encourages young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers by providing role models and hands-on activities for middle and high school girls. See how they were able to scan and analyze their evaluations.


Hall of Fame Customers

  • Brenda Roof

    Brenda Roof is the District Information Officer at Webster Central School District, where she is responsible for all state, federal and local reporting of data for the district. Her department creates surveys, assessments and other measurement tools. She oversees the scanning and analysis of these surveys and assessments, and the imports and exports of all data in their instructional and student software systems.

  • Chad Barth

    Chad Barth is the Deputy Strategy Director for Political Technologies for the Republican National Committee. He is in charge of finding and/or developing easier ways to do data collection and management for political purposes.

  • Charles Atkinson

    Charles Atkinson is the Managing Director at QualityWorks Associates, which is focused on helping organizations measure, monitor and improve their service and service development. To accomplish this goal, QualityWorks utilizes a variety of tools including surveys, interviews, mystery shoppers and field surveyors.

  • Dan Fullerton

    Dan Fullerton is a physics teacher at Irondequoit High School in Rochester, NY. He uses Remark Office OMR to grade full-course assessments in all of his high school physics classes.

  • Dr. James Campbell

    Dr. James Campbell is a professor in the Department of Administrative and Instructional Leadership at St. John’s University. His department is responsible for training the superintendents and principals for the present and future.

  • Dr. Paul Rendulic

    Dr. Paul Rendulic is the president of Performetrics of Florida, which is a research and evaluation firm that conducts many survey research projects in the education, non-profit, government and private business sectors.

  • Dr. Zvia Naphtali

    Dr. Zvia Naphtali is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. She has been using Remark Office OMR to help many non-profits with their numerous surveys.

  • Ed Silverman

    Ed has used Remark OMR & Web versions for over a dozen years. He uses Remark products for course & teacher, new freshmen, graduate, undergraduate, transfer students, academic research, departmental, assessment, accreditation, health, and "quick" general surveys.

  • Jeff Hoskins

    Jeff Hoskins is a Data Formatting Specialist who provides customized data collection and reporting services internally (approximately 350 employees) and for the 23 school districts his organization serves in Eastern Iowa. Services provided include school improvement, school and community planning, curriculum support

  • Karlton Brown

    Karlton Brown is the Coordinator of Research for the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment at Lynn University. His office is the clearinghouse for internally externally reported institutional data. His office operates under Office of the President, which ensures transparency so that data is without bias.

  • Pat Harold

    Pat Harold is a Senior Consultant at Spectrum Business Solutions, which offers one of the broadest ranges of support services for Remark data collection software available today. Spectrum’s services are tailored to meet the specific needs of government and education, and include installation, form design, end-user training and systems integration.

  • Rusty Dunaway

    Rusty Dunaway is the Manager of Learning Administration and Planning at Rollins, Inc., who owns Orkin Pest Control. In order to provide pesticide services, technicians have to go through extensive training.

  • Shannon Tucker

    Shannon Tucker is the Assistant Dean of Instructional Technology at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Office of Academic Affairs. Her group is responsible for educational technology, web design and development and academic scheduling within the school.

  • Shawn Flower

    Shawn Flower is the Principal Researcher and sole proprietor at Choice Research Associates. Her primary mission is to conduct criminal justice research with a focus on program evaluation and female offenders including recidivism research, needs assessment, and re-entry into the community.

  • Susan Voigt

    Susan Voigt is a program evaluation and data specialist at Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU), Enola, PA. Susan’s team within CAIU provides surveys, grant evaluations, workshop evaluations, program and curriculum evaluations, and assessment data collection and analysis. She uses Remark Office OMR.