Dr. Ronna Rowlette has been a Remark customer since 1997. Ronna works with non-profit agencies and has been very willing to share her knowledge and thoughts on how our products can better serve the needs of her clientele. In addition to helping shape our products, she has always been very willing to assist agencies who have questions about collecting their data. Thank you Ronna!

The Children’s Board was established by a county referendum in 1988 to improve social services for children and families through the creation of a special taxing district with an annual budget of over $40 million to fund social services. Dr. Rowlette says “Both as a private consultant and in my current position as Director of Research, Evaluation, and Information Technology, I have relied on Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey programs for the past decade… Over the years I’ve experienced the same excellent customer service with Remark and quick response to any questions without fail. Besides producing excellent software programs, customer service is one of the strongest distinctions for Gravic in my opinion.”