Processing Training Evaluations, Certification Tests, and Other Professional Licensure Exams

Scanning, grading, and analysis software for tests, exams, assessments. Whether you want to distribute on paper or online, Remark is here for you!

Automatically Process and Grade Certification Exams and Skills Tests Using Bubble Sheets

Do you need to continually assess the skills and expertise of employees? Or are you looking to establish a baseline level of knowledge for job applicants? A common way to assess this type of knowledge is through multiple choice question (MCQ) tests and assessments. The best way to quickly grade these types of assessments is with high-quality Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software like our Remark products. With Remark you quickly turn piles of exams and evaluations into detailed analysis of the respondent’s achievement on your test. Remark products are used in organizations around the world for grading important employee and trainee exams, nursing and other medical certification tests, employee skills training assessments, job applicant tests, continuing education, training evaluations, and other similar applications.

Quickly scan and grade your training assessments. Or provide your students with a link to an online test that can be processed automatically. Get feedback to your respondents, trainers, and hiring managers quickly. Dive into the analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses within your test taker.

Find a Remark product to grade paper and/or online exams and assessments instantly!

Remark Office OMR Software

The world’s most popular OMR scanning solution for collecting data from multiple choice question (MCQ) tests and other forms!

  • Windows software application.
  • Create and print your own forms from Microsoft Word or any other design application.
  • Print your forms on plain copy paper.
  • Scan with any image scanner or copier.
  • Recognizes OMR (fill-in-the-bubble), OCR (typwritten text), ICR (handwritten text), and Barcodes.
  • Grade tests with the click of a button!
  • Produces detailed reports on student, test, class, and items on the test.
  • Exports data to most any analysis program.
  • 100,000+ users in over 130 countries!

A modern, hosted application for grading tests. Used by training and certification organizations to put the grading functions into the hands of the instructors.

  • Hosted application. Secure and scalable!
  • Easy to use portal accessible through any web browser.
  • Use predefined answer sheets or create fully customized paper or online tests.
  • Provides online testing functionality.
  • Grade multiple choice (MCQ), numeric grids, and open response items on tests.
  • Scan tests with any scanner, copier, or other imaging device.
  • Grade tests with the click of a button!
  • Produces detailed reports on student, class, and item performance.
  • Exports to most any analysis package.
  • Data centers in USA, Canada, or Europe.

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