Gravic’s Remark Team is excited to announce the release of Remark Classic OMR 7! Click here for details.

The World’s Leading Data Collection (OMR) Technology

If you can read it, we can read it. Since 1991, Remark’s superior OMR Software has powered countless data collection processes for schools, universities, businesses, non-profits, governments, hospitals, and anyone else that needs to collect and analyze data from paper forms.


Turn around test grades in a fraction of the time

Example Use Cases

Remark OMR Solutions help thousands of schools worldwide collect and analyze data from tests, quizzes, exams, attendance surveys, ballots, and many other forms.


Spin business intel into actionable strategy

Example Use Cases

Give your business the most valuable tool of all – knowledge. Remark allows business managers the ability to design surveys, forms and tests to gather and makes sense of data quickly.

No need for special forms or paper.
No need to purchase dedicated scanning machines.

Non-profit Organizations

Reach donors and increase response rate

Example Use Cases

Streamline your organization's data collection projects. Eliminate manual data entry. Easily create and distribute surveys, evaluations and other paper and online forms.


Collect and analyze data from a variety of medical applications

Example Use Cases

Boost the performance of your satisfaction surveys, patient history forms, training evaluations, research studies, and employee surveys.


Reduce administrative tasks and improve community services

Example Use Cases

Become better stewards of constituent information, surveys, incident forms, training evaluations, psychological assessments, research studies and employee surveys.

Global, scalable OMR product solutions

With tens of millions of forms processed by 100,000+ customers in 130+ countries, Remark is the OMR product the world turns to for data collection.

Training Videos and Webinars

From conducting live webinar feature demonstrations each month to one-on-one training, we provide all the support you will ever need to feel comfortable in the Remark software. We also curate a large database of training modules if you prefer to work at your own pace.

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Our knowledgebase includes more than 200 topic threads to help you navigate everything from getting started to advanced features and functions.

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Form Design and Review

Take advantage of Remark’s Free Form Review Service before printing large quantities of forms, to see if your existing form(s) will work, or to learn how to best optimize for the Remark Office OMR. We’re always finding ways to diffuse potential issues before it’s too late.

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Professional Services

We are here to help! Involve our experts on an hourly basis to help you complete common tasks such as installation, implementation, and form design and creation.

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