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    Beware of imitations! With tens of millions of forms successfully scanned, Remark Office OMR is the world's most popular OMR software solution. How can it help you?

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    Have tests to grade? See how your peers save valuable time and money and receive insightful feeback on student performance using Remark software solutions!

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Since 1991, Remark Office OMR has been the world's leading software product for collecting data from tests, surveys, assessments, evaluations and other OMR ("fill in the bubble") forms. Working with your existing scanners and printers, this powerful product is designed to be a flexible, easy-to-use tool for capturing data from your plain-paper forms. The software provides informative reports for educators, researchers, evaluators, and other professionals. With tens of millions of forms processed by customers in 130+ countries around the world, the Remark Office OMR software is the product your colleagues turn to for their data collection needs! Learn more about the product and our superior OMR technology or try it yourself by downloading a free demo now.

Looking for other types of data collection? Gravic also has solutions for K-12 test grading (Remark Test Grading), traditional OMR forms (Remark Classic OMR), web surveys (Remark Web Survey), and more. Find out more about our full line of software products.

New Remark Office OMR Support VideosLooking forward to exhibiting at the ASSP Safety Conference in San Antonio, TX on June 3-5Announcing Remark Office OMR 10
Did you know that Remark Office OMR has been recently updated to Version 10? For your convenience we are creating updated support videos detailing specific features in Remark Office OMR. Check out the following videos for more information: Exporting Grades to […]We are happy to be exhibiting at the ASSP Safety Conference in San Antonio on June 3-5. We will be demonstrating how Remark Office OMR collects and analyzes data from plain paper safety observations, training assessments and other safety forms. See […]We are pleased to announce that Remark Office OMR version 10 is now available! For over 27 years, Remark Office OMR has assisted tens of thousands of schools, universities, businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and a variety of other industry professionals in […]