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Remark Software
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 4 reviews
by Jim Convery on Remark Software
Licensing issues, asking for more money

Good luck if you need to transfer the software and licence to a different computer. I had 2 IS people try and transfer the license and could not. And Gravic is asking for more money from us to pay for support. This just sounds like a bait and switch and nickle and dime technique for a product I use once per quarter to process data. I'm looking into alternatives.

We are sorry to hear you are having problems with your computer. Our support team has to give priority to customers who are using supported software versions with valid maintenance. In reviewing your records, we determined that our support team attempted to help as best as possible, and it appears as though the issue has been addressed. If not, please contact our support team at

- Remark Software Team

by Neil G on Remark Software
Very Helpful

Very helpful, got to the root of the issue I was facing and fixed it.

by Barbara Goodale on Remark Software
Remark Cloud Grading

I'm a high school teacher with well over 100 students and I use Remark with most of my assessments. It is easy to use and the customer support is the best I have experienced in any product. My favorite part is using the item analysis to see which questions were easiest and hardest for the students. That information is critical for them as learners and for me as I design my instruction. I recommend it completely.

by James Gosser on Remark Software
Remark Cloud Grading

Excellent program that produces easy to read results for better analysis of student progress!