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Remark Software
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 18 reviews
by Katie on Remark Software
Great customer support

I had to learn how to use the program quickly due to a work deadline. The online videos and support staff were the only reason I was able to get my work completed on time!

by Andreas Gadmer on Remark Software
Fastest Support ever!

I have never had my activation issues resolved so fast by any company's support staff. Same day within hours they resolved my issue and were very friendly. I shout out to Theresa. She is the best!

Thank you so much for the kind words! We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and responsive to our customers. Your feedback is much appreciated!

- Remark Software Team

by AEA Data Solutions Team on Remark Software
Fantastic Customer Service

Our agency has used Remark Web Survey and Remark OMR for years. We like the access and customization features Remark has, which are not yet available in other free or lower cost survey programs. The biggest highlight of Remark has been the customer service. Any time we have come upon an issue, staff providing us assistance to resolve it have been amazing! Special thank you to Mark Bowers, who has consistently been a great support to our team most recently!

by NM in Brooklyn on Remark Software

It's definitely a great product. The support is unsurpassed. The way they resolved my issue from understanding the problem to finding the solution and then guiding me through it with professionalism, knowledge,courtesy and above all tons of patience, was surely terrific.

by Michelle on Remark Software

I had to manually collect and enter in survey questions on a regular basis. With this software my workload feels cut in half and I can get to the analysis so much quicker.
A few issues I did come across is that when entering in double-sided or multiple pages I have to make sure that there isn't a missing page. The software doesn't allow you to "skip" and continue. I had to go 're-scan' pages and fix this error someone else made.
Also, it really helps to set up the scan prior to reading evals. We set up a template for the Admin Assistant to create the surveys on, however there have been minute changes and I feel like a spend a significant amount of time creating new templates, but that's a workflow issue on my part.
Otherwise, this software does everything I ever hoped for and more.

Michelle- thank you for this wonderful review. We are so happy to hear that Remark is making your life easier! For the few issues you did come across, including workflow issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support department. Depending on your needs, sometimes they can offer suggestions based on previous experiences they've encountered with our customers. Thanks again!

- Remark Software Team

by Renato on Remark Software

Super software

by Tim Samartino on Remark Software

Be very careful setting up your course. Apparently, this software is not smart enough to link student IDs to student names so scores can be imported to Canvas LMS if your roster isn’t in Remark up front, even though all that information is now loaded and linked in their system correctly. I was told there is nothing that can be done on their end to fix things after a test is already given. They are trying (but failing) to be fancy using a QR code when simply reading the bubbles the students have filled out is all this software needs to do. Support has been largely unhelpful.

Tim: We are sorry you encountered issues using our 'rosterless class' feature in Remark Test Grading Cloud. The new option was designed based upon customer requests to provide a quick way to grade tests and produce reports from within the application without the need to identify your students beforehand. The ability to change a class from 'rosterless' to 'rostered' does not currently exist and you have to choose one or the other when setting up the class. We can see the usefulness of this feature and may implement it in the future, but it does not currently work this way. We are always looking for ways to enhance the product, so this feature will likely evolve over time. Thank you for your feedback.

- Remark Software Team

by Rodney Wright on Remark Software

Quick response to my problem. Great service...

by Anna on Remark Software
Love the software!

I love the software. I wish the software can actually type out the suggestions that students and staff write us! OTHER THAN THAT, AMAZINGLY HELPFUL!

by Prince Kumar dhankhar on Remark Software
Best Solution to problem

This is great thing that i find. I strongly needed it
Thanks Remarksoftware

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