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Note that there are two versions of Remark Classic OMR on the market. If your software license has a serial number that starts with “S” you are using the Scantron-specific version sold and supported by Scantron Corporation. For support, contact Scantron at The Scantron version supports the newer Scantron scanners. If your serial number starts with a “C” you are using the Gravic version sold and supported by Gravic, Inc.

Remark Classic OMR is generally sold with one year of software maintenance and support. As long as your software maintenance is active you have access to the award-winning Remark Support Team. We highly recommend renewing your maintenance every year to ensure continued access to our support team and the latest product updates.

More information on our maintenance and support policy, including what is covered and how to renew, is available here: Maintenance and Support Policy.

Please see the sections below to find some great self-help information, documentation, tutorials, and more.

Remark Classic OMR Knowledgebase

Click the link below to access the Remark Classic OMR knowledgebase. The knowledgebase is continually updated with articles that cover commonly asked questions and “how to” documents to help you get started with the software.

Access the Knowledgebase

Product Tutorials and Documentation

To quickly get up and running we have a full user’s guide and written tutorials that take you through using Remark Classic OMR. You can find this documentation by clicking the link below. You can also find the documentation in the software under the Help menu.

We also have white papers available for Remark Quick Stats and other product features.

Remark Classic OMR Documentation

Remark Classic OMR Documentation

Product Updates

We continually update our products as technology changes. The Remark Support Team supports the current version and the previous major version of the product. Click the link below to see what updates have been made to the software. If you are not on the latest version, you should update (free if you have valid software maintenance) or purchase an upgrade to the product.

Remark Classic OMR Updates

Remark Professional Service Offerings

In addition to product support, we offer services to help you use the software efficiently.

We offer customized product training classes designed to your specific needs. Training is conducted online with a Remark Support Expert.

Remark Classic OMR Training Class

Remark Classic OMR uses pre-printed forms. Forms require Remark templates, which can be somewhat complex when you are using a new form. Hire our team to create your Remark Classic OMR template file for you.

Remark Classic OMR Template Creation Service

Need something else? Contact us for additional services.

License Agreements and Other Documentation

Click the links below to view the End User License Agreement, VPAT, and other important documents.

Remark End User License Agreement

Remark Classic OMR VPAT

Contacting Support

The Remark Support Team provides product support to customers who have an active maintenance and support agreement. Technical support is available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST/EDT, Monday through Friday, except company holidays.

Contact technical support:

  • Email: Support
  • Phone: +1 610-647-8595
  • Fax: +1 610-647-8771
  • Chat: Click the icon in the bottom right corner of this page
  • Submit a website form request

Please have the following ready before contacting support:

  • The serial number of your software (can be found under Help|About and in the lower right corner of the software)
  • The version number of your software
  • The type, model, and configuration of your computer
  • The scanner model you are using (if a scanning issue)
  • The steps required to reproduce the problem

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