Gravic’s Remark Team is excited to announce the release of Remark Classic OMR 7! Click here for details.

One-on-One Online Training

Do you need training tailored to your needs? Remark One-on-One Training may be just right for you. Our knowledgeable support staff can provide one-on-one online training to you for any of our current Remark product releases.

  • Learn about your specialized needs
  • Work with your files to produce real results and receive any files created during training
  • Have one-on-one interaction where you can ask questions that pertain specifically to you
  • Demonstrate use of the software right on your computer screen

Here’s how it works:

  • Training for up to 2 hours
  • Training occurs online via a high speed Internet connection
  • We call you for the conference portion of the training (Continental US only)
  • Our staff discusses your needs prior to the training session so that we may tailor the session
  • If possible, we use your files during the session to show you how to get the necessary work accomplished
  • Up to 3 people, all in one location may be present for the training
  • Time frame for the training will be based on a mutually agreed upon date and time
  • Training is offered for the current release of the software or application only
  • Cost is $500 for a single session up to 2 hours in length

For more information please email or call us +1.610.647.8595.