Remark Test Grading

Remark Test Grading is an easy-to-use solution to quickly grade and analyze multiple choice (MCQ) and other tests and exams.

The World’s Most Simple and Powerful Test Grading Software

Rapid turnaround of test results with our ultimate test grading software, Remark Test Grading, helps you focus your energy where it is needed the most. Automatic test grading allows you to prioritize and optimize your time teaching. By knowing where your students stand academically, you are able to focus your time on assisting them to learn and achieve their goals.

Instructors love Remark Test Grading! Saves instructors countless hours manually grading!

With years of customer feedback, we have carefully designed our product to be user-friendly with a rich feature set to satisfy the specific needs of educators like you.

  • You are in control of your assessments
    • Instructors create, print, and scan their own exams.
    • Deliver exams on paper or online.
    • Results are obtained almost instantly!
    • Provides powerful and meaningful reports enabling real insight into the class, student, test, and item performance. 
  • Use your equipment and work where and when you want
    • Print and scan with any copier or image scanner.
    • Access the Remark Portal through any web browser.
    • No more manual grading!
  • Integrates with existing applications

Administrators love Remark Test Grading! Saves money and eases IT workload!

The good news for your administrators and IT staff is that Remark Test Grading is a hosted solution with exceptional security and scalability. It also eliminates your reliance on expensive forms and scanners.

  • Decentralize the process
    • Empower your faculty with an easy-to-use tool to create and process their own exams.
    • Eliminate delays in sending batches of tests to/from a processing center.
  • No special hardware or forms
    • Eliminate your antiquated, single use scanning hardware.
    • Make use of the office equipment you already own for printing and scanning test forms.
    • Print tests on regular copy paper, saving you money!
  • Secure hosted solution
    • No installation or maintenance needed.
    • Accessible from any web browser.
    • Hosted on Amazon Web Services with the most current security standards.
    • You have control over your school data.

The most flexible tool for your tests

Standard Test Sheet
  • Form types:
    • Create standard forms for everyone to use.
    • Create fully customizable forms if desired.
  • Tests can include:
    • Multiple choice sections.
    • Math grids.
    • Open response areas (short answers, essays, graphs, etc.)
    • Question and answer choice text.
    • Instructional text, images, and other design elements.
    • Multiple test versions to prevent cheating.
  • Student identification:
    • Preprint student names.
    • Bubble in student IDs.
    • Handwrite student names.
Customized Test Sheet

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Since 1991 our Remark Experts have provided award-winning customer support to our many happy customers just like you. Support is included with your subscription.

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