Remark Test Grading

Remark Test Grading is an easy-to-use solution to quickly grade online and paper tests, saving you time and money.

Powerful Yet Easy Test Grading Application

Rapid turnaround of test results helps you focus your energy where it is needed the most. When you know where your students, instructors, and schools stand academically, you can make adjustments to your curricula or provide assistance to struggling students to ensure comprehension of your course material. Remark solutions provide the tools to get that information quickly and accurately. You can even review performance against learning objectives or standards so that you can quickly see where your class and students need assistance. Take the next step now towards improving your assessment process!

When it comes to instructors, Remark Test Grading provides a simple but powerful tool for handling paper or online tests, assessments, and quizzes. The good news for your administrators and IT staff is that Remark Test Grading is a hosted solution with exceptional security and scalability, and eliminates your reliance on expensive forms and scanners. Through years of customer feedback, we have carefully designed our product to be user-friendly with a rich feature set to satisfy the specific needs of educators and institutions like yours.

What Can Remark Do For You?

Remark Test Grading allows busy instructors to quickly create and grade tests in the cloud so you can get more accomplished with less. With just a few clicks of the mouse, instructors can create a printable test answer sheet or an online test for distribution to students.

For printed tests, you can print a personalized test for every student, or you can provide a student ID grid for students to identify themselves. Completed tests are scanned and graded based upon the answer key.

Links to online tests are emailed directly to students for completion. Students complete the test online and the tests are automatically graded using the answer key provided by the instructor.

Regardless of how you distribute your test, the solution provides detailed reports on class, student, test, and item performance on the test. Quickly see how your students are grasping the tested concepts.

Remark Test Grading offers the utmost in ease of use, flexibility, and cost savings.

Solution Benefits:

Save Thousands of Dollars

  • Create and print your own test answer sheets
  • Use existing hardware (image scanners and copiers)
  • Supports paper and online tests

Happy Educators

  • No more manual grading
  • A simple solution for paper or online tests, exams, quizzes, and other assessments
  • Test sheets can include open response areas for essays, short answers, graphs, or other types of written answers
  • Include math questions with grids for entering numbers, decimals, and fractions
  • Use multiple test versions to curtail cheating
  • Built-in test grading reports show student, class, and item performance
  • Easily export grades to grade books and student management systems or use one of our LMS connectors for seamless integration to Canvas, Blackboard, and Brightspace D2L

Free Your School From:

  • Purchasing special test forms
  • #2 pencils
  • Maintaining old grading machines
  • Installing and updating software on desktop systems
  • Instructors hand grading and transposing grades to a grade book
  • Frustration!

Easy to Learn, Use, and Deploy

  • Nothing to install for easy school-wide deployments
  • Straight forward web interface accessible from any modern web browser
  • Access from Windows PCs, Macs, or tablets

Reliability at its Core

  • Built on the industry-leading framework of Remark Office OMR
  • Gravic’s Remark Products have been helping schools simplify grading since 1991
  • Our exceptional customer support team is here to help you

An Award-Winning Solution

Remark Test Grading Cloud Awards

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