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Remark Solutions help thousands of businesses collect and analyze data from a variety of forms, including training tests and assessments, surveys, market research, personnel assessments, conference evaluations, safety assessments, employee screening forms, time sheets, and many other forms.

Helping Companies Automate Their Data Collection Since 1991

Thousands of companies trust our Remark products for their data collection needs. Whether you are scanning paper tests and forms or collecting data online, our products provide you with the tools you need to get your results quickly. We’ve carefully designed our products to be user-friendly while providing a rich feature set to satisfy more advanced needs. You can even combine paper and web data in just a few clicks.

Training Exams and Assessments

Training and certification of employees and customers is vital for many organizations. Whether you need a solution to grade certification exams or evaluate your training instructors and courses, Remark has you covered.

Remark software works with your existing content, providing a simple way to automate your grading and evaluating processes.

Create and print your own tests, exams, quizzes, evaluations, and other training assessments. There is no need for special paper or scanners. Scan completed forms with any imaging device (scanner, copier, scanning app). Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading have built-in grading reports that provide detailed information on student, class, and test performance. In addition, Remark Office OMR contains built-in evaluation and survey reports.

Remark Office OMR

  • Windows solution
  • Create forms in Microsoft Word or any other tool
  • Scan directly with an image scanner, read completed images from your copier or scanning app, or use electronic/fillable PDF files
  • Built-in grading and survey analysis
  • Can work with any form types (tests, surveys, evals, etc…)
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Collect and analyze data from employee training assessments and evaluations

Remark Test Grading

  • Hosted solution – nothing to install
  • Create custom paper and online tests
  • Upload or email test images to the cloud for processing
  • Supports multiple test versions for paper tests
  • Built-in grading reports
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A global management firm makes job training course evaluation

A large mining company processes daily COVID-19 health questionnaires for on-site employees

One of the largest railroad services in America conducts program exit surveys

A private electricity company assesses radiology safety

A large magazine, eBook, and research database provider surveys magazine readership

A technological consulting business provides online ordering for restaurant customers

An American insulation manufacturer keeps track of quality control

A national broadcasting company makes broadcasting award ballots

Safety Forms

Employee & Visitor Screening

Protect your employees with job site health screening questionnaires. Have all onsite employees and visitors record their temperatures and health responses before allowing them to enter your job site or office. This allows you to turn away possible infected people from your site in order to prevent contamination of your staff.

health questionnaire for Remark Office OMR

Eliminate manual data entry for health questionnaires and screening forms with Remark Office OMR. Scan completed forms with an image scanner, copier or scanning app. View and export results to SQL, Excel, Access, or other formats for easy archiving of this important data.

Worker observing mine operations

Safety Observations

Deploy job site safety observations and checklists to identify leading indicators and prevent future injuries and accidents.

  • No special paper or hardware needed!
  • Automate your data collection
  • Easily export data for your safety management or reporting system
  • Built-in analysis reports

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Analysis and Data Exporting

  • Built-in analysis reports
  • Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel
  • Data can be exported to over 30 formats including: SPSS, Excel, CSV, SQL
  • Combine Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey for mixed-mode evaluations

Conference and Meeting Evaluations

Remark products allow companies to evaluate their conferences and meetings easily. Deploy conference and meeting evaluations to monitor and improve your programs.

Session and Presenter Feedback

Evaluate your presenters and sessions. Get high response rates with simple paper forms distributed at your sessions. Know which content and presenters to invite back or use at future events.

Conference and Meeting Evaluations

Gather feedback from attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to improve your future events.

Easily create and deploy paper conference evaluations for smaller groups to improve response rates. With Remark Office OMR create your forms in Word and process them with any imaging device.

For online evaluations use Remark Web Survey to create and administer online forms from your website.

Employee Surveys and Evaluations

Gather employee feedback across your organization. Deploy paper and online surveys and evaluations with Remark Web Survey and Remark Office OMR.

Send pulse surveys to quickly assess your employees’ feelings on corporate initiatives and programs.

Automate your data collection process from performance evaluations, 360 surveys, and job satisfaction surveys.

Remark Office OMR

  • Create paper surveys and evaluations in Word
  • Print on regular paper
  • Scan using any imaging device
  • Built-in analysis reports and data export options
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Employee training with Remark Software

Remark Web Survey

  • Create and administer online surveys on your website
  • Control your data and recipients list
  • Built-in analysis reports and data export options
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Other Uses

Remark products provide a simple and cost effective way to collect data from paper and online forms.

Remark Office OMR allows you to automate the data collection process from any paper form where respondents are selecting options. You create your own forms for ultimate flexibility.

With Remark Web Survey you create and administer online surveys on your website. You control your recipient list and data.

Increase your response rate with mixed-mode (paper and online) responses by using Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey together.

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