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September 12, 2022

Deleting Tests in Remark Test Grading

Need to delete a test? Within Remark Test Grading, you may delete a test at any time, but note that this action is permanent and all data is lost.

  1. Start out on the page of the class that has the test you would like to delete.
  2. Click the Action Menu (…) and select "Delete Test" to delete the test.

3. When prompted, type in your test name and click “Delete Test” to permanently delete your test.

Now you're all done! The test has now been deleted from your class.

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September 2, 2022

Remark Software Celebrates Labor Day 2022

On Monday, September 5th, the Remark team will be out of the office for Labor Day. We will return to normal operation and assistance on Tuesday, September 6th.

Have a wonderful Labor Day and we look forward to serving you as the school year begins to ramp up!

Best Regards,

The Remark Team

August 22, 2022

Upcoming Support Monthly Webinar August 24

This week's topic: Custom Report Headers in Remark Quick Stats

Custom Report Headers allow you to customize titles or add graphics to your report headings. These custom report headers can be saved, reused, and even shared with other Remark users within your organization so everyone’s report headers are the same.

Join us as we demonstrate creating a custom report header within Advanced Grade or Advanced Survey that will appear on all reports and can be shared. If you prefer to use Quick Grade or Quick Survey, we’ll also show you how to create a custom report header in individual reports.

This webinar is targeted at intermediate Remark Office OMR users.

Click here to sign up for this monthly webinar.

Webinars are free to customers with current maintenance or technical support agreements. If you do not have a current agreement, the cost of each webinar is $50 USD. Why not consider purchasing a support agreement? A support agreement entitles you to attend any monthly webinar at no additional cost. For support status information, contact our support department.

You can view upcoming webinars here.

August 18, 2022

Remark Test Grading's Exciting New Update: A New Interface and More!

We know instructors love to use Remark Test Grading to streamline the testing process. With its ability to administer paper and online tests, coupled with powerful reports, it's a fan favorite in schools and universities around the world. With just a few clicks you can set up a class and test, or pull one in from your learning management system. Then give that test to your students and run the many reports to track progress and inform instruction. It's a great way to save time and money, all while ensuring students succeed.

We're excited to let you know that we've launched a new update for the application. We'd like to give a huge shout out to all of the beta testers who helped us with our new look. We're excited to unveil it!

Here's a quick look at what's new:

  • New Layout: We've updated the layout to a more modern and responsive look. It should look familiar to you if you use social media apps like Twitter. On the left, you will find filtering and sorting. In the middle is the heart of the application, with your classes, tests, and so forth. And on the right, you'll find additional details pertaining to the page you are viewing. As you use the application more, this layout assists with keeping things neatly organized and makes the application run faster!
New Remark Interface

Want to see a quick tutorial for the new look? Administrators click here. Instructors click here.

  • SSO (Single Sign On): Remark now optionally supports SSO, or single sign-on, which allows you to log in through your organization's single sign-on provider. We use the WorkOS platform to provide this support, which is full-featured and already commonly used in organizations. SSO is an optional add-on to the application. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing this add-on.
  • Answer Sheets: We updated our standard (pre-defined) answer sheets so that administrators can design their own and then include them in the standard answer sheet list when instructors create a test. This feature allows you to push out the designs that you want so that you know instructors are using the right test. It also makes it easier for instructors, as they don't have to create their own tests using the designer.

Creating Default Answer Sheets:

Using a Default Answer Sheet:

Using Default Answer Sheets
  • Deactivating Classes, Instructors, and Students: You spoke, we listened! The ability for an administrator to deactivate classes was added back to the Account Dashboard. In addition, you can deactivate students and instructors as well.
  • Deleting Answer Keys for Live Tests: If a test is live, you cannot delete an answer key. You will need to close the test, update the key, and then make the test live again.

Thinking of a feature we haven't added yet?

Then consider suggesting it to us! Remark Software has been in business for over thirty years thanks to our relationship with our loyal customers. Please feel free to provide us with as many ideas or suggestions as you want! Often, a Remark Team member will reach out to you to discuss your needs need so we can get them on our official development list.

Not yet a Remark Test Grading customer?

Then what are you waiting for? You can schedule a free personalized demonstration for yourself, your department, or your school! Or get a free trial and test it out! Ready to buy? Then contact us below to receive a personalized price quote.

August 3, 2022

Visit Gravic's Remark Team at the VPPPA Safety+ Symposium in Washington D.C.

It is that time of the year again: Gravic's Remark Team is returning to the 2022 VPPPA Safety+ Symposium! As frequent exhibitors, we are thrilled to return and demonstrate how Remark can satisfy all of your safety and health data collection needs. This year, we travel from America’s original capital of Philadelphia to Washington D.C. and the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. From Wednesday, August 24th to Thursday, August 25th, we are showcasing Remark Office OMR’s data and analysis capabilities in Booth 438. Enjoy networking and plenty of quality safety products on display!

Shown below is a map of the convention center with the accompanying hours of the trade show. Follow the arrows from the entrance to find the location of the Gravic Remark booth. Stop by and chat with our associates to see how Remark can help you save time and money!


Exhibit Hall Hours

Wednesday, August 24th from 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Thursday, August 25th from 8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

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