September 18, 2023

Take Back Your Time: How Remark Test Grading Can Save Teachers Time from Homework

Save Teachers Time

Teaching is a demanding profession that often requires educators to bring work home, eating into their personal time. In fact, a recent survey found that teachers report working on average 54 hours a week. Grading tests and other assignments are a significant part of this workload. However, there's a solution that can help save teachers time in their evenings and on weekends while ensuring efficient and accurate grading — Remark Test Grading. In this blog post, we explore how Remark Test Grading empowers teachers to bring less work home and make the most of their precious time.

1. Streamlined Grading Process:

One of the primary ways Remark Test Grading helps teachers save countless hours is by streamlining the grading process. With Remark, educators can quickly create, distribute, and grade tests — both online and on paper. No more hours spent poring over student answers or manually entering grades into spreadsheets.

2. Automated Grading:

Gone are the days of painstakingly grading every single test by hand. Use your existing school copiers and scanners to scan your completed test forms for processing within the application. Remark Test Grading automates the grading process, whether you're dealing with multiple-choice questions, math grids, or open-response answers. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human errors.

3. Supports Online Testing:

Remark Test Grading allows teachers to conduct online tests quickly and with ease. Students can complete assessments online, and the application provides real-time grading. You can assign tests, classroom assignments, and even homework to be done by your students and have it graded the moment they hit submit! Plus, it offers features like question randomization to prevent cheating.

4. Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS):

Seamless integration with popular LMS platforms like Canvas, Blackboard, and Brightspace D2L means teachers can effortlessly sync class rosters and grades. No more double data entry or tedious transfers.

5. Detailed Reporting:

Remark Test Grading provides comprehensive grade reports, including Item Analysis, Test Statistics, Student Response Reports, and more. These reports offer valuable insights into student performance, helping teachers tailor their instruction and lesson plans more effectively.

6. Customization and Flexibility:

Teachers can create customized answer sheets, add images, and design tests to their liking. Remark Test Grading offers flexibility while ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Save Teachers Time

7. Say Goodbye to Teacher Homework:

With Remark Test Grading, teachers can say goodbye to grading piles of papers at home. Instead, they can focus on what matters most — providing quality education to their students.

Request a Free Trial and Webinar:

Remark Test Grading is a game-changer for teachers who want to bring less work home. By simplifying the grading process, automating the most tedious tasks, and providing valuable insights, Remark allows educators to spend more quality time outside the classroom. It's time to take back your evenings, weekends, and personal life. Let Remark Test Grading do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy your well-deserved work-life balance.

September 14, 2023

Remark Office OMR's Latest Update 11.3

At Remark Software, we are committed to continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. In our latest update, we've introduced some exciting enhancements and fixed a few issues to make your experience with Remark Office OMR even better.

Our biggest addition?

Enhanced Barcode Support

One of the key highlights of this update is our enhanced barcode support. We've taken your valuable feedback and real-world form challenges into account to improve barcode recognition within Remark Office OMR. Whether you're processing surveys, questionnaires, tests, or any other forms that rely on barcodes, you can expect a smoother and more accurate experience.

Barcode recognition can be crucial for automating data capture and analysis. With this upgrade, you can be confident that Remark Office OMR will read and process barcode data more efficiently than ever, saving you time and ensuring the integrity of your collected information.

This update to Remark Office OMR is absolutely free for those who have an active software maintenance agreement. The software maintenance agreement includes free access to all updates and upgrades as well as access to our award-winning technical support team. We encourage you to contact The Remark Team with any questions or to purchase or renew your maintenance agreement at [email protected].

August 25, 2023

An Open Letter to Teachers:

open letter to teachers

We at Remark feel so lucky to work with teachers year after year. Through our collaborations, we get the chance to talk with educators from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Some have been running their classroom for decades. Some have been running their classroom for days, but all have valuable insights into the value and challenges of teaching. One thing we hear most often is how difficult the work can be for first-year teachers. Starting a new job is always hard, but starting a new job as hectic and uniquely challenging as teaching can be a Herculean task.

And while some new educators have transitioned from other careers, many come to the profession straight from school. The stress of navigating life after graduation for the first time can create immense personal and professional obstacles, especially when combined with the challenges of a new, complicated job. So today we wanted to acknowledge these difficulties and offer our support. Of course, as creators of test grading software, we want to help make teachers’ lives easier. But more importantly, our team is made up of people who genuinely care.

Some of us have been in this business for years, and some are young professionals. Many of us were great students once, and a few were great educators. All of us, though, are invested in the communities that we support, and all of us understand that teachers have the power to shape not only individuals but entire generations. The work is often hard and thankless but always inspiring and essential. To the new teachers, we wish you the best of luck as you embark on this new phase of life. Please, lean on your mentors, your communities, and us (if you feel so inclined) for support. And try to keep in mind that it will all become easier in time. To all teachers, we want to thank you so much for everything you do.

We appreciate you and have so much respect for your work. As the first day of school approaches, we wish everyone a productive, safe, and happy year.

Sincerely, The Remark Team

August 22, 2023

Upcoming Support Monthly Webinar August 24

This week's topic: Combining Data Files in Remark Office OMR!

Do you have a form that you regularly use to collect data and save the collected data in multiple or separate data files? Maybe it’s a conference evaluation for different sessions or the same test for different classes/periods where the form is the same but the participants/students change. Would you like to know how to combine those data files so you can generate reports on the combined data? There’s a feature in Remark Office OMR that allows you to do just that. This webinar will cover available options and how to utilize them to easily generate reports.

This webinar is targeted at intermediate Remark Office OMR users. But, whether you’re an intermediate user or a seasoned pro, this webinar is tailored to provide you with invaluable tips and techniques to leverage batch headers effectively. Secure your spot today by clicking the link below and take your data analysis skills to new heights!

Webinars are free to customers with current maintenance or technical support agreements. If you do not have a current agreement, each webinar costs $50 USD. Why not consider purchasing a support agreement? A support agreement entitles you to attend any monthly webinar at no additional cost. For support status information, contact our support department.

You can view our upcoming webinars here.

August 17, 2023

Update of Remark Classic OMR is Now Available!

The Remark Team is excited to unveil the latest release of Remark Classic OMR, version 7.2! Remark Classic OMR is the leading software application for collecting data from traditional OMR forms and scanners. The application provides an easy interface for scanning, processing, and analyzing your tests, surveys, and other OMR forms.

When planning new versions, we always listen to our customers' feedback in order to meet their evolving needs. This update boasts an array of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to make your experience smoother and more efficient.

We made some updates for one of our more popular scanners, the high-speed Sekonic SR-8000 Hybrid, which processes OMR forms and captures images of pages. Specifically, we updated it so that the backside of a form is captured, even when no timing marks are present.

Customers have frequently requested a report that gauges students' increase in knowledge by comparing a test given prior to a class (pretest) with one given after the class (posttest). The new Student Pretest-Posttest Report provides valuable insights to the instructor into how the students mastered the material. We also included several other updates to Remark Quick Stats in the latest release.

Finally, the entire product was reviewed and updated to meet the latest accessibility standards to provide a better experience for users with disabilities.

This update to Remark Classic OMR is absolutely free for those who have an active software maintenance agreement. The software maintenance agreement includes free access to all updates and upgrades as well as access to our award-winning technical support team. We encourage you to contact The Remark Team with any questions or to purchase or renew your maintenance agreement at [email protected].

Excited to learn more?

Click the button below to explore the full range of new features and fixes introduced in Remark Classic OMR 7.2. As always, please keep your comments and feature suggestions coming!

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