May 16, 2018

Using Remark Office OMR to Determine Winners of Science Olympiad

Future School Mongolia Helps Grade Olympiad with Remark Office OMR Every day Remark products are used by customers all around the world to simplify their data collection and reporting needs. In this article, see how Future School Mongolia employed the grading features of Remark Office OMR to quickly determine winners of the Science Olympiad from among 800 entrants from across the Arkhangai Province of Mongolia.
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April 16, 2018

Announcing Remark Office OMR 10

Remark Office OMR SoftwareWe are pleased to announce that Remark Office OMR version 10 is now available! For over 27 years, Remark Office OMR has assisted tens of thousands of schools, universities, businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and a variety of other industry professionals in simplifying their data collection and analysis needs. Remark Office OMR is continuously innovated to maintain our industry leading presence and meet customer demands. We greatly appreciate our customers and are always interested in hearing any comments and feature suggestions for our products. In version 10, a number of improvements were based on customer feedback, as highlighted on the new features page. Version 10 adds many new features and updates including:

  • Fresh new look with a modern user interface
  • New and improved OCR engine
  • More robust partial credit when grading tests
  • Ability to export reports to Excel when using multiple test versions
  • All reports are now available when using report batches and multiple test versions
  • You can now email student reports directly to each student from the software
  • Enhanced report batch functionality allows you to run multiple batches at one time to simplify filtering data by multiple variables
  • A Ballot Response report was added for customers processing ballot style forms
  • And many more! Check out the full list

Download a Free Demo version to try it out

Remark Office OMR 10 is available to all customers on a valid maintenance and support agreement. All software updates, even a major release such as version 10, are included in the maintenance and support agreement for Remark Office OMR 9 (2014) or later customers. If you need to renew your maintenance and support agreement or upgrade Remark Office OMR from prior versions please submit a quote request or contact us with any questions.
*Note: Current Remark Office OMR 9 customers are encouraged to back up their templates, data files, answer keys and survey definition files before installing the new version. These files are automatically converted to a new format when opened in version 10 and are not backward compatible.

March 29, 2018

Using Mobile Devices to Create Images for Remark Products

Grading tests with your phone using the Adobe Scan Apps and Remark Test Grading CloudBeing away from your scanner doesn’t mean you can’t grade your tests or tabulate your surveys. Several companies have developed mobile scanning apps that can be used with Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading. These applications capture images of the filled-in forms and save them as image files that are compatible with Remark products (Tiff, PDF, JPG). Use the app to take pictures of the completed forms, save the image files, and export them somewhere accessible, such as email or saving it your Google Drive. Then read the images in the Remark Solutions as you normally would.

Similar to a multifunction printer, the mobile applications can utilize the Grade by Email Function of Remark Test Grading Cloud. Once you have captured images of the forms with your phone or tablet, you can email those forms directly to the cloud to be graded instantly. Once they are graded, an email can be sent to you with all of your desired grade information, including test results and reports attached as PDFs.

We have tested the following applications with the Remark software:

There are many other imaging apps for your mobile phones, and really anything that can create a suitable image for our products could work. Make sure to review the features in each app to ensure that it will produce quality images. Also check for any limitations; for example some apps can only create one image at a time, which could be very tedious when trying to scan many forms. Just like when you create new forms, please make sure to test out any apps prior to distributing your forms to verify that the images created will work. If you have an app that you like to use or would like us to investigate please let us know.

March 28, 2018

Using the Canon DR-M160 II with Remark Software

Canon DR-M160 IIWe are periodically asked about the compatibility of various image scanners with our Remark Solutions: Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading. These products can work with image scanners directly, through an image scanner's TWAIN driver or can read image files (Tiff, PDF, JPG) created from any imaging device (multifunction printer, image scanner, camera app).

We see many different types of scanners in our office, so we try to share some information on these scanners when we can. Today we will discuss the Canon DR-M160 II.

The Canon DR-M160 II scans up to 60 pages per minute and has a 60 page feeder. We recently used the Canon DR-M160 II to scan several thousand session evaluation forms at a conference, and it performed well scanning directly into Remark Office OMR. We did the evaluation form scanning right in our booth at the conference. We scanned and analyzed several thousand session evaluations during the two days at the show. The conference sessions evaluations were collected in batches so we were able to utilize the adding data on the fly feature to automatically input the session information for each batch of forms. This allowed the conference organizers to use a generic form for their session evaluations to simplify their printing and distribution process. The conference organizers collected the evaluation forms from each session and placed them in there own manila envelopes with the session information on them. When we received the envelopes we  loaded a batch into the scanner and added in the session information for that batch. Remark Office OMR adds that session information to each record for that batch. We then repeated this for all of the session forms.

We created a master data file that contains the data for all of the conference sessions. We were then able to provide individual session analysis reports by running a batch report that automatically filters the data by session ID and generates individual report PDFs, which can be distributed to the session presenters.

One thing to note when scanning with the Canon DR-M160 II scanner: make sure to turn on the invert image option in the Remark Office OMR scanner properties when using this scanner (otherwise your scanned images will look like they are black with white text). You can see the scanner's full specifications here.

Looking to see if your scanner if compatible with Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading? You can test out your scanner with one of our free product demos.

February 27, 2018

How to Create a Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet in Word for Remark Office OMR

Making a multiple choice test in Word for Remark Office OMRRemark Office OMR allows extreme flexibility in building your own customized forms for tests, surveys and any other paper forms. In the video below, we walk you through creating a simple 50-question multiple choice test answer sheet in Microsoft Word®. Word is a very flexible and easy-to-use solution for creating forms for Remark Office OMR. We offer several fonts to assist with your form creation including OMR Bubbles, OMR Checkboxes, OMR Squares, and Code 3 of 9 Barcode. These fonts automatically install in your Windows font directory when you install Remark Office OMR, or you can manually download them here. For your answer bubbles you can also use a capital O in the Arial font, at the recommended size of 10-14. We always recommend using tables in Word when possible, as it simplifies adjusting your form for spacing and adding/removing items in the future. We offer a variety of sample forms that are available for you to download on our sample form page. The files available for download are the Word document, PDF file and Demo files (including the Remark Office OMR template and completed scanned images). These sample forms can give you a great foundation for creating your own forms. Please note: When creating forms for use with Remark Office OMR, make sure to follow our form design best practices and take advantage of our free form review service from our exceptional support team. For more information on Remark Office OMR please view the whitepaper, download a free working demo or sign up for a webinar. For more videos and ideas on how to use Remark Office OMR, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.