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September 18, 2020

Remark Test Grading Cloud Update: Email Student Response Reports!

Remark Text Grading Cloud's new update brings you two new features! The first vastly increases the number of students who can take your tests at the same Remark Test Grading Cloud Updatetime. The second allows instructors to email students a report that shows them which questions they answered correctly or incorrectly. Once teachers distribute these reports, students can go over their answers during a class review of the teacher's assessment. These updates are perfect for all of our remote teaching educators and distance learning students.


  • Scalability Improvements: We added enhancements to improve responsiveness when a large number of students are taking and submitting online tests at the same time.
  • Emailing Student Response Report: The ability to email the Student Response report to students was added.

If you’re in need of a fast, reliable, and proven assessment solution, you can get your free trial of Remark Test Grading Cloud now. For more information on Remark Products please contact Remark Sales at or +1.800.858.0860.

September 17, 2020

How to Be Productive While Working from Home

Whether you’re an administrator, teacher, or both, odds are you’re starting the school year from home. While many of us have somewhat gotten the hang of working remotely, for some of us it may be our first time. The Remark Team has been working from home on and off since the beginning of the pandemic. We have countless connections to schools around the world, many personal connections to teachers in our own lives, and even have a former teacher here on staff. So, in the nature of helping out our friends, family, and customers, here are some of our best tips for being productive while working at home.

  1. Still wake up early enough to get your morning routine done.

Just because you can cut out your morning commute, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still wake up early anyway. Use the time you would normally use waiting for the bus to eat a great breakfast. You may not have to sit in city traffic for an hour, but that time should be used to set up your work station instead. Spend the time you would normally use buying coffee to—well just make your own coffee.

  1. When possible, find a spot in your house without guests. Or, communicate that you’re working.

When working from home, it’s easy to overestimate your ability to tune out distractions. Maybe your roommates or your partner are also working from home. Maybe you have kids in the house who will be remote learning themselves. Whatever the situation, definitely make sure your work station is in your own little corner of the house.

  1. Write down a schedule for your day and stick to it.

When working from home, you don’t necessarily get a set time for lunch. It’s easy to forget to eat, take breaks, or miss meetings and deadlines thanks to poor time management. A part of your morning routine should be to create a schedule for your day, either on a desk calendar or your phone. Be sure to set plenty of reminders for upcoming tasks.

  1. When possible, communicate with coworkers by voice or face-to-face.

The best of us get lonely, even if you don’t realize it. Human beings are social creatures, even the biggest introverts eventually need interaction with another person. If possible, set up a video call, or just a phone call to get extra people time that emails just can’t match. You will find your day brighter immediately afterward.

  1. Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you have to take work home.

Setting up a makeshift workstation in your bedroom doesn’t mean your bedroom is now your office. When you close your laptop, make sure that your work stays closed with it. It’s very easy when working from home to forget that your home is supposed to be where you unwind from the day and relax from the stresses of your job.

While not an all-encompassing list, these tips will quickly improve your productivity and mood.

For more tips, information, or support, check out our blog, YouTube channel, or Twitter for more content. For more information on the most dynamic grading solution on the market Remark Test Grading Cloud, you can sign up for a live webinar or request a free trial to try the application for yourself. You can also contact our sales team at or 1.800.858.0860.

September 14, 2020

Upcoming Support Monthly Webinar September 23

Application Preferences for Customizing the Remark Office OMR Software – Wednesday, September 23, 2:00 PM EDT

This webinar will show how to customize the Remark Office OMR software by setting up preferences. Preferences allow you to set the way the software functions by default which can facilitate your use of the software. Do you use the database lookup feature, did you know you can expand the record limit for the lookup by the number of records in your database? Did you ever have a data entry image region where you typed in lengthy comments that would show cut off in your report? These are just a few of the preferences that will be covered.

This webinar is targeted to beginner and intermediate Remark Office OMR software users.

Sign up for this monthly webinar.

Monthly webinars are free for customers with current maintenance or technical support agreements. If you do not have a current agreement, the cost of each webinar is $50 USD. Why not consider purchasing a support agreement? A support agreement entitles you to attend any monthly webinar at no additional cost. For support status and information, contact our support department.

You can view upcoming webinars here.

September 10, 2020

Best Ways to Engage Students from Home

Take it from a teacher who lived through the Spring 2020 semester, engaging students out of the classroom is harder than it sounds. Often it hinges on how well the teacher can transfer their enthusiasm through a computer screen. In other words, emailing assignments once a day alone won’t cut it if your goal is to offer real substantive lessons to your students. But even the most engaging lessons require work on the periphery to hold it all together. Here are Remark’s top 6 tips for teachers who are about to start the new school year.

  1. Embrace technology.

The future has won. Zoom, Google Classroom, and yes, even our Remark Test Grading Cloud application are now commonplace across the world. Don’t fight it. Most of your co-workers won't be, and that means your students will quickly begin to favor their classes above yours. If you are having trouble, contact the company’s support team, other teachers, or even students you can trust to show you how to use your new technological assets. Often, YouTube can be beneficial as well, with walkthroughs on everything from building a car from scratch to grading your 7th-period history class.

  1. Try new things.

Maybe you’re a new teacher, maybe you’re a well-seasoned veteran with the scars to prove it. Doesn’t matter, this situation is new to everyone. You will fail, just like you did in your first year, and you will learn from those mistakes. Very quickly you will learn what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improvement. So swing for the fences, if it doesn’t work, the lessons that you learn along the way will be invaluable for the next lesson. And aren’t teachers life long learners?

  1. Communicate with parents.

If a kid has their head down in class, it’s easy to correct. If a kid has their head down at home, that could be a thirty-six-minute drive on the highway to their house to fix. Obviously—not an option. But don’t fret, because many of your students will have parents at home working alongside them. A simple phone call, or even a text to ask why their child hasn’t signed in or submitted assignments will go a long way to seeing those engagement numbers go up.

  1. Get your students together when possible.

Getting your students together goes a very long way in keeping your students hyper-engaged in your class. Very quickly they will associate the joy of seeing their friends with YOUR classroom.

  1. Offer office hours.

When you’re in school, often teachers can come in before or after school. They can bring students up to their classroom to make up assignments at any point during the day. Obviously, this is a tad harder at home. That’s why it’s best to set a specific time aside for students to speak with you about any questions, comments, or concerns. Teachers with office hours go the extra mile, and each and every student, co-worker, and parent will recognize it.

  1. Create proper assessments.

Your toolbox is now almost entirely different, which means so are your assessments. Think before you create any lesson about what the goal is, and what you want the students to learn. Think about your assessments first, how will you reasonably demonstrate your lesson was a success using only virtual tools? Think backward when creating your lessons for the best effect.

While not a perfect list, I promise if you follow these six tips your time as an online teacher will go much smoother than you realize. Challenges will arise, inevitably. Some totally out of your control. But if you hold on, and keep grinding, you will see the fruits of all your labor one way or the other.

For more tips, information, or support, check out our blog, YouTube channel, or Twitter for more content. For more information on the most dynamic grading solution on the market Remark Test Grading Cloud, you can sign up for a live webinar or request a free trial to try the application for yourself. You can also contact our sales team at or 1.800.858.0860.

September 9, 2020

.NET Framework Requirement for Remark Products

Remark software products, including Remark Office OMR and Remark Classic OMR, require Microsoft .NET Framework to be enabled in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 in order to install and run properly.

If Microsoft .NET Framework is not enabled in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 after installing the Remark software, an Error# 2146232576 – Automation Error message is generated when attempting to open and run the Remark software.

.NET Framework 3.5 needs to be enabled in Windows for older Remark software products:

  • Remark Office OMR 2014 (version 9)
  • Remark Classic OMR 5
  • Remark Web Survey 5
  • Remark Test Grading Edition 2.0

.NET Framework 4.7.2 (or higher) needs to be enabled in Windows for newer Remark software products:

  • Remark Office OMR 10
  • Remark Classic OMR 6

Note: You need to have permissions in Windows to enable .NET Framework. If you do not have permissions, you may need to contact your IT Department for assistance.

After enabling .NET Framework, you may be required to reboot your computer for the change to take effect.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Remark Support at 610-647-8595 or

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