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October 21, 2021

Making a Survey Form in Microsoft Word for Scanning With Remark Office OMR

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software on the planet. It is ubiquitous in offices and schools around the world. Although widely used for many tasks, did you know it can also be used for creating scannable survey forms? To help you get started, we created the video below to teach you how to create a scannable survey in Microsoft Word in only three minutes.

As mentioned in our video, here is the link to all of our free OMR bubble fonts!

Want to learn more?

To see Remark Office OMR in action, you can request a live webinar from a knowledgeable Remark Team member who will discuss your survey and provide a detailed presentation personalized to your specific needs. Want to try the software for yourself? Then download a free demo version and see how your forms work with Remark Office OMR.

October 20, 2021

Remark Test Grading Cloud's New Update!

remark test grading cloud update

Last week we released an update to our popular grading application, Remark Test Grading Cloud. Our main focus for this update was keyboard accessibility. We put many nice updates in, including fixing button focus indicators, updating drop-down menus, proper tabbing, and ensuring alt text is available.

In addition to accessibility we made some other nice enhancements:

  • Answer Key Update: You can now see the question and answer text when editing an answer key, making it easier to set up your answer key.
Remark Test Grading Cloud Answer Key
  • Navigation: When editing an answer key from the Reports screen, you are now taken back to the report list when you exit the key.
  • Test List: We updated the list of tests within a class so that the screen would load more quickly.
  • Test Designer: We made a few changes when designing tests, including better indicators of the questions in the list and larger question text boxes when editing question text.

Next time you log in, take a look at the notifications to see all of the updates. As usual, if you have a suggestion please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Not using Remark Test Grading Cloud yet?

Sign up for a webinar or trial to see what it's all about. Contact the Remark Sales Team at [email protected] or 1-800-858-0860 to discuss your needs. We look forward to solving your test grading needs with our powerful, easy-to-use application!

September 28, 2021

Remark Office OMR 11 Arabic Released!

The Remark Team is proud to announce that in conjunction with our partners at AlQemma in Egypt, we have released Remark Office OMR 11 Arabic. The new version, featuring a user interface in Arabic, is immediately available through our friends at AlQemma. Customers using previous versions with valid software maintenance can download and install the upgrade at no charge. New licenses and upgrades can be purchased from the AlQemma Team.

For 30 years, Remark Office OMR has been the world’s leading OMR software package for collecting data from tests, surveys, evaluations, assessments, and many other types of forms. Click here to see more about the Remark 11 upgrade.

Our network of dedicated partners around the world sells and provides service for our products to customers in their territories. Located in Egypt, with offices in several countries, AlQemma Company has been a valued partner for many years now. AlQemma has provided the Remark products to many of the leading schools, universities, and corporations across the Middle East and North Africa. For more information on AlQemma, or to get information on the Remark Office OMR Arabic version, follow this link to visit AlQemma's website.

September 23, 2021

The Internet is 30 years old, so is Remark Software!

Remark Internet

Social media, search engines, cyber encyclopedias, and forums with cat memes. It's hard to imagine we ever got on with our lives before the Internet. Why all the nostalgia? As some sources have noted, the Internet has turned 30 years old this year!

We know a lot about 30th Anniversaries, after all January 15, 2021, was the Remark Team's 30th anniversary of the very first sale of Remark Office OMR back in 1991, just a few months before the start of the Internet. Since then we've gone on to create eleven versions of our flagship software, and during that time we've went from selling our software on floppy disks to entirely online starting in 2014.

Floppy disks! Some with a whopping 1.44MB of space!

Today, a majority of the 7 billion people on Earth have access to the Internet. But way back in 1992, there were only a handful of websites that even existed. By 1996, there were approximately two million websites-- which is also around the time when we created our very first website! Today, we are spoiled, as we get to choose from over 1.88 billion websites. Some of them, we hear, are even good!

And since COVID-19, Remark has integrated the Internet even more into our product line. For example, our award winning Remark Test Grading Cloud solution enables in-person and online grading, and our new Remark Office OMR 11 release now ties in with web-based ICR engines.

Who knows what course the Internet will take us on over the next 30 years. One thing is for certain though, Remark Software will be there along for the ride!

September 20, 2021

Upcoming Support Monthly Webinar September 22

This weeks topic: The Template Editor's OMR Region Property Changes in Remark Office OMR!

Join us as we cover changes and enhancements in the OMR region properties in Remark Office OMR 11. We will demonstrate what you need to know about the new minimum responses option, discuss the new Analysis button, and explain using the Define Format button for linked OMR grid regions.

This webinar is targeted to beginner Remark Office OMR users.

Click here to sign up for this monthly webinar.

Webinars are free for customers with current maintenance or technical support agreements.  If you do not have a current agreement, the cost of each webinar is $50 USD.  Why not consider purchasing a support agreement? A support agreement entitles you to attend any monthly webinar at no additional cost. For support status and information, contact our support department.

You can view upcoming webinars here.

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