Remark Classic OMR

When using traditional OMR scanners, Remark Classic OMR® scanning software provides an easy interface for scanning and then analyzing your tests or surveys. Data and reports are flexible and compatible with most other analysis applications.

The World’s Most Popular OMR Scanner Software!

The Remark Classic OMR® software scans and processes data from tests, assessments, surveys, and other standard forms. The software, when combined with an OMR scanner (Optical Mark Recognition scanner), automates the process of collecting and analyzing data from “fill in the bubble” forms. Remark Classic OMR works with traditional OMR scanners and preprinted forms from Sekonic, Scantron, Chatsworth Data, Apperson, and Datawin.

OMR scanner software works with preprinted bubble sheets and traditional OMR scanners, scans the date and provides powerful test grading or survey tabulation reports.
Using Remark Classic OMR

Why Remark Classic OMR?

OMR scanner software that sets the standard for flexibility and functionality

  • Works with a variety of OMR scanner models from popular manufacturers
  • Can be trained to read most any existing OMR form or bubble sheet
  • Exports data to over 30 common data formats for use in most any database, spreadsheet, or analysis application
  • Includes Remark Quick Stats for grading tests and analyzing surveys
  • Billions of forms processed since 1991
  • Industry-leading customer support team

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Who is using Remark Classic OMR?

Higher Education

Whether your institution has OMR card readers spread around campus, or if you are handling test grading duties using a high speed OMR scanner model in a testing center, Remark Classic OMR meets your needs.

Working with a diverse set of OMR scanner models and most any OMR form, the product can handle grading tens or tens of thousands of tests.

Similarly, use Remark Classic OMR for large paper based research studies conducted by your institution or individual faculty.

College students at university lecture hall

Group of high school students taking a test in their classroom


Many K-12 institutions have OMR scanners available for teachers to use for grading their tests. However, there is a need for an easy-to-use and powerful application such as Remark Classic OMR to simplify the use of these machines.

Quickly grade tests and get back detailed results that you can use to inform your instruction. As a bonus, the application easily exports grades to most gradebooks.


Surveys, assessments, evaluations, and other types of forms can be processed and analyzed using the powerful features of Remark Classic OMR.

Through the years many organizations have processed large scale research studies using the tool. Remark allows you to easily export the data that is collected to SPSS, Excel, Access, SQL, or Oracle databases (and many more).

The grading functionality is perfect for employee training or for testing new potential employees.

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