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Analyzing Surveys with Remark Classic OMR

Remark Classic OMR includes a full-featured, easy-to-use, and very powerful analysis functionality providing detailed analysis on surveys, ballots and other forms

Survey Analysis Features in Remark Classic OMR

Remark Classic OMR includes Remark Quick Stats®, a built-in analysis and reporting package that is used to analyze survey style forms. With the click of a button, the software provides many standard reports

Survey Tabulation Features

  • Using Quick Survey, quickly generate standard reports in one click.
  • Use the Advanced Survey tool to customize the survey analysis process, including creating groups of like questions to compare means and measure against established benchmarks as well as weight importance of questions.
  • Compare survey responses across subsets of data.
  • Automatically filter data on specific criteria and produce reports based on the filters (e.g., if evaluating a conference, breaking reports down by session).
  • A Response Report displays all of the handwritten comments on one easy to read report.
  • Reports are customizable in terms of information displayed, colors, fonts and graphics.
  • All reports can be exported to various formats, including PDF, and emailed in order to get information into your constituents’ hands quickly and efficiently.
  • Statistics Calculated:
    • For each item Remark Quick Stats calculates: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, Min, Max, Range, Median, Skewness, Kurtosis, T-Value, Percentiles, Confidence Intervals
    • For each answer choice Remark Quick Stats calculates: Frequencies, Percentages, Valid Percent
    • Crosstabs

Survey Reports

The reports produced in Remark Quick Stats range from several types of item analysis to descriptive statistics to responses for open-ended questions. Please use the list of reports below to see the reports included in Remark Quick Stats.

Item Analysis Reports

Survey and Item Statistics Report

  • Analysis Group Report – Remark Classic OMR Provides information for all questions in the survey and for each analysis group. For every question, this report displays the question mean, benchmark (if applicable) and a bar chart of the mean.
  • Comparative Item Report – Remark Classic OMR Compares performance for various demographics included in the survey. Reports individual question information based on questions from the data (e.g., in the case of a course evaluation survey, you could report on instructors, courses, etc.).
  • Crosstabulation Report – Remark Classic OMR Creates a conditional table for any two questions’ responses. This report is helpful if you want to investigate if a relationship exists between the information gathered from two questions.
  • Item Statistics Report – Remark Classic OMR Displays various statistical information for each question. This report is useful for gaining a better understanding of the distribution of respondents’ answers and how they relate to the entire population.
  • Question Mean Report – Remark Classic OMR Provides the mean for every question tabulated. This allows you to quickly see individual question performance.

Response Reports

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