Remark Software for K-12 Schools

Remark Solutions help thousands of K-12 schools worldwide collect and analyze data from tests, quizzes, exams, surveys, evaluations, ballots, attendance, and many other forms. Spend less time collecting data and more time using it.

Providing Valuable Data While Saving Time and Money for Educators Since 1991

Our Remark products provide powerful and timely feedback to educators on tests, assessments, surveys, and other types of forms. Our applications are flexible, affordable solutions that allow you to use a variety of hardware (image scanners, copier/scanners, mobile camera apps, OMR scanners), various paper options (plain paper or preprinted test bubble sheets), or web based forms as the means to capture your data quickly and efficiently, and to produce powerful analysis you can use to impact your students, parents, and school. Our Remark solutions interact with other school applications and can export grade information or data to various databases, gradebooks, student management systems, or learning management systems in use at your school.

“Using Remark Office OMR to process and grade practice SATs provides a closely-simulated test experience, timely corrective feedback, focused discussions about student performance, and deliberative practice”

Adam Larsen

Community Unit School District #220

“My colleagues were all in line for the grading machine, and I just cruise on back to the copier and scan in all my tests… I head back to my desk, I take the PDF, upload it into the program, and there’s my results. I’m done”


Suburban Public High School

“Dan uses Remark to provide students with personalized reports detailing what they understand and what needs improvement. Furthermore, he is also aware of how the class is performing as a whole, and subsequently alters his lesson plans to address areas of weakness.”

Dan Fullerton

Irondequoit High School, Rochester, NY

Grading Tests, Exams, and Quizzes

Rapid turnaround of test results helps you focus your energy where it is needed the most. When you know where your students, teachers, and schools stand academically, you can make adjustments to your curricula or provide assistance to struggling students to ensure comprehension of your course material. Remark products provide the tools to get that information quickly and accurately. When grading test answer sheets, questions can be linked to common core standards, skills, or other learning objectives to provide you with an efficient way to see how students are performing and which students need extra help.

Filling out a test answer sheet to be scanned and graded with Remark Solutions

Relevant products:

Remark Test Grading

Cloud application used by teachers to print and grade their own exams.

Remark Office OMR

Windows application used throughout the school for testing and other tasks. Teachers, schools, and districts use this product to grade a variety of exams quickly and accurately.


Teacher discussing topics with students in classroom

Relevant Products

Remark Office OMR

  • Create surveys in Word
  • Print on regular paper
  • Scan completed surveys with any imaging device
  • Easily export data to a variety of databases and statistical packages including; SPSS, Excel, Access, StatPac, and more.
  • Built-in survey analysis reports

Remark Web Survey

  • Create, host, and administer online surveys on your website
  • Built-in survey analysis reports and data export capabilities
  • Combine with Remark Office OMR for mixed-mode (paper and online) surveys


School, Parent, and Teacher Survey Forms

Gravic’s Remark products are widely used to collect survey data from parents, students, teachers, and the community. With Remark software, you can quickly turn data into a powerful decision making tool.

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Counseling Needs

Remark products eliminate the need for expensive scanning equipment and allow counselors time to focus on the task at hand, rather than the means of doing so.

  • Behavioral tracking
  • Screening
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Bullying questionnaires
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Friendly counselor supporting student

Relevant Products

Remark Office OMR

Collect data from plain-paper forms you create and print. Completed forms can be scanned with any imaging device around your school (image scanners, multifunction printer, etc.). The built-in reports provide powerful analysis. Or make your data extensible by easily exporting it to a variety of databases and other analysis packages.


A large city school district uses Remark Office OMR for grading exams for entry into magnet schools

An association of Canadian teachers conducts surveys of teachers regarding their teaching conditions

A national technical student organization conducts pre and post leadership conference surveys

Teachers at a Catholic high school use Remark Test Grading Cloud to grade thousands of test each month

One of the country’s most influential teachers’ union uses Remark Office OMR to process ballots for board elections

Judges at a local science fair use Remark to tabulate judging sheets to rate student projects

A mental health and drug prevention non-profit assesses peer pressure in elementary students

The attendance office at a Texas district use Remark Office OMR for collecting student attendance sheets

A non-profit aiming to inform children about drugs and alcohol use provide drug/alcohol driving pre-post test

Robotics team members user Remark Office OMR to collect data from competition sheets

Students working together in class

Relevant Products

Remark Office OMR

The most flexible and trusted solution for all your paper data collection needs. No special forms or hardware needed. Use the built-in analysis reports or easily export data to a variety of databases and statistical packages.

Remark Web Survey

Create and administer online forms on your website. Can be used along with Remark Office OMR for provide a mixed-mode solution.


Other Uses

Remark products provide a simple and cost-effective way to collect data from paper and online forms.

  • Ballots
  • Attendance
  • Registration forms
  • Student organization forms
  • For more info

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