Mark Conners, Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction at a Florida high school, used Remark Office OMR to give his students the FCATS (Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test). He used the software to test 1,500 students on a variety of subjects and question types. He is happy to say that Remark handled it all.


As the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, Mark Conners of Osceola High School specializes in curriculum, assessment, professional development, and strategic planning. He has used Remark Office OMR in preparing his students for Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).

The Challenge

Osceola High School, in Kissimee, FL, uses Remark Office OMR for practice testing programs for their state standardized tests. “We tested 1,500 students in Math and Reading. We tested students using various question formats. The software has been effective in processing data from many types of questions” states Mark Connors, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction. Mr. Connors and his staff use the software with multiple choice, response grids, and long and short written responses. For written responses, they scan using image fields, review the responses on-screen and then use the software’s Review Mode feature to enter score values.

The Solution

Mr. Connors states, “the Remark software has been vital in the collection, analysis, and reporting of student testing data. The software is an exceptional value; its features have saved our staff hundreds of hours in grading and data analysis.” Remark Office OMR allows users to take the data collection process from start to finish by offering powerful data collection and analysis features.

For Osceola High School, “the features of the software also have given teachers and the administration information that would have been impossible to find out about trends over the entire school. This product has helped our teachers become data driven decision makers,” according to Mr. Conners.