Remark Software for Healthcare

The Remark Software can help you collect and analyze data from a variety of healthcare applications, including research studies, patient forms, training evaluations and assessments, and other paper, and online forms.

Helping Healthcare Organizations Since 1991

The healthcare market is very competitive and organizations need to be able to collect and analyze data quickly and easily to make sure they are in compliance with regulations and are serving their constituents. The Remark software helps you collect and analyze data for a huge variety of healthcare applications. Whether you need to monitor customer satisfaction, conduct research studies, collect patient information, train and certify personnel, or collect data for any other reason, we can help. Our Remark products are designed to assist you with quickly and accurately collecting data from paper and web forms.

Remark Software Patient Data Collection

Patient Forms

With an abundance of patient information needing to be collected, our Remark solutions have assisted hospitals, doctors, dentists and many other healthcare organizations in automating their data collection from a variety of forms.

We can help with:

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Health Histories
  • Patient Evaluations
  • Registration Forms
  • Health Screening Forms
  • Regulatory Compliance

See how a leading hospital uses Remark Office OMR for regulatory compliance by comparing their Patient Care Services program to other local hospitals through a performance improvement program. View the case study

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Remark Office OMR

  • Works with forms you create and print
  • Scan completed forms with any image scanner or copier
  • Built-in analysis reports
  • Export data to over 30 different formats including: Excel, Access, SPSS, SQL
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A medical and scientific management company processes oncology physician evaluation forms

Pennsylvania non-profit conducts underage drug/alcohol driving pre-post tests

A large Australian university surveys new parents about their children

An accredited dentist certifying board grades residency certification exams

A Canadian public health department gives flu shot consent forms

Using Remark Solutions for Research Studies

Remark Office OMR

Use paper forms and Remark Office OMR for in-person studies and to reach varied demographics. Easily create your surveys and forms in Word.

Remark Web Survey

Create online forms or convert a Remark Office OMR form template into a web form. Create and administer your online surveys and other forms on your own website. Control your data and recipient list.

Research Studies

Remark solutions help researchers collect and analyze study data all over the world. No matter what your sample size, we have you covered.

We can help with:

  • Survey Research
  • Pre/Post Testing
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Clinical Trials
  • Counseling

Mixed-Mode Projects

Combine Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey for mixed-mode research projects, providing an easy way to combine data from paper and online surveys.

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Employee Training & Certification

Remark products eliminate the need for expensive scanning equipment and provide organizations with easy to deploy solutions for evaluating and assessing their training programs.

We can help with:

  • Employee Tests
  • Certification Practice Exams
  • Training Evaluations
  • Conference and Session Evaluations
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Remark Office OMR

  • Windows solution
  • Create forms in Word
  • Scan directly with an image scanner or read completed images from your copier or scanning app
  • Supports multiple test versions
  • Built-in grading and evaluation analysis reports
  • Can work with any form types (tests, surveys, evals, etc…)
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Collect and analyze data from employee training asessments and evaluations

Remark Test Grading

  • Nothing to install
  • Create custom paper and online tests
  • Upload or email test images to the cloud for processing
  • Supports multiple test versions for paper tests
  • Built-in grading reports
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A regional hospital association surveys adults on their general health

A national healthcare research institution conducts daily habit surveys

A health and retirement service gives sensitivity training forms

A top 10 cancer hospital processes patient and family care surveys

A premiere children’s hospital surveys patients returning for follow-ups

A health and wellness service gives a sleep and exercise diary

A support service for children’s mental and physical health does mental trauma screens

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Other Uses

Remark products allow you to collect and analyze data from virtually any form type. In the healthcare industry, many use the software for collecting patient or employee related data; however, your options are endless!

Remark Office OMR allows you to process paper forms, making it easy for you to collect this information while interacting with patients and employees. The ability to create your own forms gives you ultimate flexibility over content and layout.

With Remark Web Survey, you give respondents the ability to respond at their convenience using a device with internet connectivity. The ability to host the forms on your website gives you control over the data and your respondent lists.

Interested in increasing your response rate? Use both products to offer mixed-mode (paper and online) responses. Using both Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey you can offer the same form on paper and online, then merge the collected data before you generate reports.

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