Remark Software solutions help people in all industries collect and analyze data from surveys, tests, assessments, ballots, evaluations, timesheets, and other paper and online forms. Our solutions can eliminate manual data entry and save you or your organization countless hours of tedious data collection. All of our products contain built-in analysis for producing a variety of reports and statistics. You can also export your raw data or grade information to a variety of formats ensuring that you get your data to the correct program(s) at your organization.

Please select your industry below to see more detailed information on how our Remark Software can assist you with your data collection and analysis needs.


Remark Solutions help thousands of K-12 schools worldwide collect and analyze data from tests, quizzes, exams, surveys, evaluations, ballots, attendance, and many other forms. Spend less time collecting data and more time using it.

Higher Education

Remark Software helps thousands of colleges, universities and other higher education institutions collect and analyze data from surveys, tests, course evaluations, assessments, research studies and a variety of other forms.


The Remark Software can help you collect and analyze data from a variety of healthcare applications including: Research studies, patient forms (satisfaction, histories, etc...), training evaluations and assessments, and other paper and online forms.


Gravic's Remark products are widely used by federal and local government agencies and institutions throughout the world. Our solutions can be used for community or constituent surveys, incident forms, training assessments, testing, balloting, fundraising, and other paper and online forms.


Gravic's Remark products help many non-profit organizations with their survey, evaluation and other data collection needs. Some examples include: Member surveys, conference evaluations, research projects, voting ballots, fundraising, and other paper and online forms.


Remark products give you what you need to keep your business competitive. By asking questions of your customers and employees, you give your business the most valuable business tool of all – knowledge. Some example applications include: Satisfaction surveys, market research, employee surveys, personnel assessments, conference evaluations, safety data collection, and other paper and online forms.