Remark Software for Higher Education

Remark Software helps thousands of colleges, universities and other higher education institutions collect and analyze data from surveys, tests, course evaluations, assessments, research studies and a variety of other forms.

Serving Higher Education Since 1991

Serving tens of thousands of customers in higher education since 1991, our Remark products have been used to scan and process billions of forms. Remark products give you the tools you need to get your results quickly. Through years of customer feedback, we’ve carefully designed our products to be user-friendly, while providing a rich feature set to satisfy the specific needs of educators like you.

“UNH has saved money in the transition to Remark Office OMR, as they no longer have to pay for expensive sheets, custom scanners, or the cost of labor to scan exams.”

Garrett Cypher

University of New Hampshire

“Remark was a major change for us, significantly reducing the cost of conducting surveys and, as a result, reducing the cost of conducting evaluations for the nonprofits we often work with.”

Alan Melchior

Brandeis University

It would be impossible to do survey work without Remark Office OMR & Web Survey software. In fact, it would severely limit what other work I could do if I didn’t have Remark Solutions.

Ed Silverman

City College of New York

Remark Office OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), works extremely well… The software has been used at NYU for almost a decade. It has always proved to be robust and accurate.

Frank Lopresti

New York University

Grading Tests, Exams and Quizzes

Remark solutions are used by thousands of educators to quickly and accurately scan and score assessments and exams, eliminating countless hours of hand grading while providing insightful analysis into class and student performance.

Create and print your own test sheets on plain-paper! Scan completed tests with any image scanner (scanner, multifunction printer/copier, scanning app). Built-in reports provide detailed information on student, class, item and test performance.

Filling out a test answer sheet to be scanned and graded with Remark Solutions

Relevant products:

Remark Test Grading

Cloud application used by instructors to print and grade their own exams.

Remark Office OMR

Windows application used throughout the institution for testing and other tasks. Instructors, departments and testing centers use this product to grade a variety of exams quickly and accurately.

Using Remark Solutions for Higher Education course evaluations

Relevant products

Remark Office OMR

Collect data from plain-paper course evaluation forms in class to ensure the highest possible response rates.

Remark Web Survey

Allow students to complete course evaluations online at their convenience.

Course Evaluations

Many institutions entrust the important task of collecting data from their course evaluations to Gravic’s Remark products. Whether your school prefers paper or online evaluations, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Use your own questions to obtain the information you need to know about your courses. Remark products help quickly collect the data from your evaluations and provide reports that enable you to ensure the effectiveness of your courses.

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Surveys & Research Studies

Remark products eliminate the need for expensive scanning equipment and allow researchers time to focus on the task at hand, rather than the means of doing so.

Eliminate manual data entry for surveys and evaluations with Remark Office OMR. Easily scan surveys and evaluations with an image scanner or multifunction printer.

Increase your response rate across various demographics by using online and paper surveys. Use Remark Web Survey along with Remark Office OMR to combine data from paper and online forms.

Quick analysis and reports save researchers from tedious work and provide accurate results. All data can be exported to Excel, Access, SPSS and more.

What can we help with?

  • Survey Research
  • Institutional Research
  • Student Surveys
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Parent Surveys
  • Learner Outcomes
  • Behavioral Research
  • Psychological Evaluations
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How are Remark Solutions being used in Higher Ed?

A teaching hospital uses Remark Office OMR to collect quality improvement and clinical outcomes data

A for-profit tutoring company uses Remark Office OMR to process SAT diagnostic tests

A large public university uses Remark Office OMR to scan and report on thousands of teacher evaluations each semester

Event volunteers at a public university use Remark Office OMR to quickly scan and produce results from a state mathematics competition

A national organization for researchers uses Remark Office OMR to quickly tabulate speaker evaluations at conferences

A national sorority uses Remark Office OMR to conduct pre and post surveys for members attending their leadership seminar

A large Australian university uses Remark Office OMR to scan surveys of new parents

Instructors at a national university use Remark Test Grading Cloud to grade student tests

Child development researchers at a large university use Remark Office OMR to conduct surveys on children’s school readiness

The IR department at a city university uses Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey to process course evaluations

A Community College System uses Remark Office OMR to process surveys of continuing education students

The biology department at a large public university uses Remark Office OMR to scan thousands of student tests each semester

A Canadian public research university uses Remark to process scoresheets for medical school admissions interviews

An international aeronautical college uses Remark Office OMR to processes airline transport pilot license tests

A large nursing school uses Remark Office OMR to grade nursing certification exams

Students walking together outdoors

What can we help with?

  • Ballots
  • Fundraising Surveys
  • Registration Forms
  • Roommate Pairing
  • Trivia Games
  • Award Voting
  • Any other paper forms

Other Uses

Remark products provide a simple and cost effective way to collect data from paper and online forms.

Remark Office OMR allows you to automate the data collection process from any paper form where respondents are selecting options. You create your own forms for ultimate flexibility.

With Remark Web Survey you create and administer online surveys on your website. You control your recipient list and data.

Increase your response rate with mixed-mode (paper and online) responses by using Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey together.

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