The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in for the University of Rijeka, Croatia has found Remark Office OMR exceedingly helpful in reducing grading time for its thousands of tests. Find out how Remark has impacted the university’s faculty and students.


In his own words, the Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Rijeka describes how Remark Office OMR has cut his instructors’ grading time by 90%.

University of Rijeka Remark Office OMR Presentation
Prof. Zoran Ivanovic presents their increased productivity using Remark Office OMR.


The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija, which is a part of the University of Rijeka, Croatia, is the most famous as well as oldest faculty in southeastern Europe in the field of management in tourism and hospitality. Our faculty is the first one in the Republic of Croatia that implemented the Bologna Process as a unique educational system for European faculties.

The Challenge

Due to these changes and the introduction of the new teaching and grading process, we encountered a great many problems. Since our faculty has over 5,000 students and about 100 teachers, the correction of written tests after each educational cycle (which lasts about three weeks) required a lot of work and concentration and the valuable time of our professors.

After each educational period there are written tests for each existing course, so every student has to write about 10 written tests in one week. When this is multiplied with the number of students, we get an impressive number of about 50,000 tests that have to be corrected every three weeks. Many days of hard work were spent with such a correction-process.

While looking for a solution to this problem, we discovered on Gravic’s website a new possibility of enhancing the speed and quality in correcting our students’ tests. We adapted our tests to your software Gravic’s Remark Office OMR and we sent you an example of a test.

The Solution

Gravic’s Remark Office OMR software and twenty-two Fujitsu scanners made it possible to reduce the necessary time for the correction of written tests by as much as 90%. Until now a professor needed (depending on the specific course) from 30 to 50 working hours to correct 1,000 tests. Now this work is done in one hour. 

Remark Office OMR is a program that all of our professors have really accepted with great enthusiasm. Its operational simplicity, the easiness of reading with the Fujitsu scanner and the quick overview of results made us realize that until now we had needlessly wasted our time on manual corrections. Our students are also satisfied with this way of correction because they get to know the test results in a short time. We are planning to buy some more software packages and scanners in the future.

Since we were the first ones to implement the new educational system, we are representatives and consultants to other faculties on our University and to other Universities throughout Croatia. All Croatian Universities, which are also adopting the new educational model, will in time also choose such a method of work and will probably need software like this for tests and other processes related to this new educational model. We are always prepared to gladly present this method of correcting tests with the Remark Office OMR software to all educational institutions in Croatia that are implementing the new educational system. Realizing the advantages of this method of working, we are recommending your software to all members of our University and to all Universities in Croatia and beyond.