Remark for Any Type of OMR Form

Process most any OMR form with the world's leading OMR software for plain-paper forms!

With Remark You Can Process Just About Any Type of OMR Form!

Optical Mark Recognition, or OMR, is the process of reading data from “fill-in-the-bubble” types of forms. While many of the common uses of OMR technology include the processing of educational tests, surveys, and evaluations, Gravic’s Remark products can be used for most any OMR application. Over the past 30+ years we have been amazed at the different applications customers have found for the technology. Some examples include processing timecards, attendance tracking, inventory, lotteries, contest forms, betting pools, golf scorecards, and many, many more! Your imagination is the only limiting factor!

Create your own OMR forms to meet your needs. Quickly scan and process your forms with any image scanner. Watch as the data is converted to a format you can use with any analysis package.

Remark Office OMR processes your forms instantly!

Remark Office OMR Software

The world’s most popular OMR scanning solution for collecting data from virtually any OMR form!

  • Windows software application.
  • Create and print your own forms from Microsoft Word or any other design application.
  • Print your forms on plain copy paper.
  • Scan with any image scanner or copier.
  • Recognizes OMR (fill-in-the-bubble), OCR (typwritten text), ICR (handwritten text), and barcodes.
  • Exports data to most any database or reporting system.
  • Tried and true with billions of forms successfully processed worldwide.

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