A local sports bar loved conducting both its weekly and annual NFL football pool, but they didn’t love having to tally copious amounts of information by hand. Remark Office OMR saved them many man hours each week.

The Challenge

The End Zone Bar & Grill is a sports bar that runs both a weekly and an annual NFL football pool. Employees had to manually check the weekly sheets, then sort and enter data from these sheets to keep a tally for the yearly pool. This process was enormously time-consuming, as there were 500-600 sheets per week to be processed.

The Solution

Neil Williams, who coordinates the pool, looked into finding a way to speed up the tally process. He had looked at some shareware utilities, but decided to go with Remark Office OMR because it was so easy to use.

He says “[The] learning curve was a non-issue and time spent doing weekly results has been reduced by over 80%.

In addition to ease-of-use, Neil appreciates how much time he and his staff have saved by using Remark Office OMR. He says “Using Remark Office, we reduced our time from approximately 12 hours per week to 2.5 hours. Last year, our playoff pool took about 36 man hours of data entry into Excel and this year I’m estimating that we should be able to complete data entry in under 8 man hours.”

The NFL is a trademark of the National Football League.