Grading Student Tests and Assessments Simplified with Remark

Scanning, grading, and analysis software for tests, exams, assessments, and quizzes. Whether you want to distribute on paper or online, Remark is here for you!

Automatically Process and Grade Formative Assessments or Summative Assessments Using Bubble Test Sheets (OMR Sheets) or Online Tests

Are you looking to quickly grade student tests and assessments? Whether you need to grade formative assessments or summative assessments, our Remark products with their powerful OMR bubble sheet scanning and test grading functionality are ready for the task! With Remark you can quickly turn piles of student tests into detailed analysis of the student achievement on your test. Remark products are used in K-12 schools (public, private, and parochial), colleges, universities, community colleges, corporations, training organizations, and many other organizations around the world for grading these student, employee, or trainee exams and tests.

Quickly scan and grade your student tests or training assessments. Or provide your students with a link to an online test that can be processed automatically. Get feedback to your students quickly and dive into the analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses within your class.

Instantly grade paper exams or process online exams with one of these powerful Remark products!

Gravic’s Remark Team offers two products that are heavily used for grading tests and assessments. There are some major differences between them, but both will automatically grade MCQ exams and provide detailed analysis on your test. Click here to see a product feature matrix.

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  • Windows software for grading tests or processing any OMR form
  • Used by individuals or departments
  • Processes plain paper OMR (test) forms
  • Works with any common image scanner
  • Exports data to many formats
  • Includes full featured test grading reports
  • Hosted cloud solution for grading tests
  • Typically used by instructors teaching one or more classes
  • Manage your rosters and tests
  • Plain paper or online tests
  • Integrates with popular LMS systems
  • Includes full featured test grading reports
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