Comparison of Remark Solutions for Grading Tests and Assessments

As the world leader in OMR software, Gravic's Remark Team has a solution to meet your test grading needs!

Gravic’s Remark Team provides three different products for grading tests and assessments. Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading work with test forms you create and print on regular copy paper with any printer or copier. The tests are scanned with any common image scanner or copier (MFP). If you are looking for a more traditional solution check out Remark Classic OMR. This product works with traditional OMR forms and scanners.

Remark Office OMR and Remark Classic OMR are installed Windows applications. Remark Test Grading is a hosted solution that can be accessed through any web browser. It is specifically tailored for grading tests in a K-12 or higher education setting.

Below you will find a comparison of all three Remark solutions available for grading tests. Use this checklist to determine which of the Remark products is best suited for your test grading needs. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Product Comparison Chart

ProductsRemark Office OMRRemark Test GradingRemark Classic OMR
Software TypeWindows OnlyCloud (Hosted)Windows Only
Forms used with the product   
Reads plain paper forms
Works with forms you create in Word or other outside design programs  
Includes test answer sheet designer to build custom answer sheets 
Reads traditional OMR forms   
Includes teacher, class, and student information on forms 
Can scan surveys, evaluations, ballots and other types of forms (not only tests)   
Works with an image scanner
Works with a multi-function printer
Email completed image files for processing  
Works with a traditional OMR scanner   
Recognition Types Supported   
OMR (bubbles, checkboxes)
*if installed on scanner
OCR (machine printed text)  
ICR (hand printed text)
*if using
Microsoft Azure account
Remark Office OMRRemark Test GradingRemark Classic OMR
Data Analysis and Reporting   
Exports data and grades to CSV, Excel, Access, and more
Exports grades to gradebooks and learning management systems
Exports reports as PDFs
Provides class and student based reports
Provides item analysis reports
Grading Features   
Set correct, incorrect point values
Set benchmark scores
Report on specific learning objectives
Allow more than one correct response
Custom grade scales 
Compare scores across different demographics  
Utilize scaled scores  
Multiple answer key support  
ProductsRemark Office OMRRemark Test GradingRemark Classic OMR

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