Remark Test Grading

Remark Test Grading is designed to streamline and simplify the test grading process. This easy-to-use solution quickly grades tests using bubble sheets that are printed on plain copy paper. Remark Test Grading saves educational institutions thousands of dollars annually on form and hardware costs! Remark Test Grading is offered as a cloud solution or a locally installed Windows product. Please select the Cloud or Windows option below to learn more about each version of Remark Test Grading.

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Products Remark Test Grading
Software Type Cloud Windows
Reads plain paper test answer sheets
Includes built-in answer sheets with varying numbers of questions and answer choices
Includes test answer sheet designer to build custom answer sheets
Includes subjective points for handwritten questions (essays, short answer, etc.)
Includes a write-in box for handwritten questions
Includes math grids for entering numeric responses
Includes teacher, class, and student information on forms
Includes generic forms that can be photocopied for multiple classes and tests
Allows for a logo on test answer sheets
Scanning and Processing Tests Cloud Windows
Works with an image scanner
Works with a multi-function printer (MFP)
Utilizes a hot (watch) folder for automatic processing
Email completed image files for automatic processing
Allows for on-screen review of tests for any problems (i.e. too many answers marked)
Allows on-screen grading of handwritten responses
Data Export
Exports data and grades common formats such as CSV, Excel, Access, and more
Exports data to SQL Server and Oracle databases
Exports to gradebooks and learning management systems
Exports reports as PDFs
Grading Features Cloud Windows
Set correct, incorrect point values
Set benchmark scores
Report on specific learning objectives
Allow more than one correct response
Custom grade scales
Supports multiple test versions
Provides class based reports
Provides item (question) analysis reports
Provides student based reports
Provides reports that show students with similar responses

Click here to go to Remark Test Grading Cloud          Click here to go to Remark Test Grading for Windows