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Gravic, Inc.

Gravic, Inc. is a world leader in providing innovative data collection, transformation, and distribution solutions. For over 40 years, our software product groups have produced technologically advanced solutions that improve the businesses and personal lives of our over 100,000 customers and tens of thousands of OEM end-user licensees.

Gravic is a privately-held corporation located in Malvern, PA, near Philadelphia, PA USA.

Remark Products Group History

The Remark Products Group of Gravic, Inc. was founded as Principia Products in 1991. We have worked in the area of image processing and pattern recognition since the early 1980’s. Our early work in OCR and ICR sold thousands of licenses. In 1991, we began to focus on OMR (optical mark recognition) with image scanners (Remark Office OMR® 1.0 release). Our strength is in our ability to innovate and develop solutions for common problems, while maintaining easy-to-use and affordable software.

In 2001, we renamed Principia Products, Inc. to Gravic, Inc. and began a merger of our other entities (ITI and Compucon Services). We completed the merger in 2003 and now all product groups are run by common management.


Our Remark products are designed to be flexible, easy-to-use tools for capturing data from tests, surveys, assessments, evaluations and other forms. In 1991 we released the first version of our flagship product, Remark Office OMR. Remark Office OMR was the first plain paper OMR solution, in which you designs and controls you own forms. There is no need to learn a special form designer. Instead, the user creates forms in any word processor and duplicates them on a laser printer or photocopier. The software works with most any image scanner or copier either using a TWAIN driver, or by reading various image file types (TIFF/PDF/others). Once data are collected, Remark Office OMR grades or tabulates the data using the built-in analysis component, Remark Quick Stats. In 1999, we added the Remark Classic OMR product which has the ease-of-use of Remark Office OMR but works with preprinted forms and OMR scanners from companies such as Scantron, Apperson and Sekonic.

In 1999 we extended our product line to include web forms with our Remark Web Survey product. Remark Web Survey allows you to easily create, host, and administer online forms. You can combine data from paper and web surveys to increase your response rate. With Remark Web Survey you host online forms on your own website putting you in complete control of forms, recipient lists, and security. There are no limitations on the number of online web survey forms you create and distribute or the number of responses you receive.

In 2012 we released Remark Test Grading to simplify the grading process for K-12 schools and teachers. Built on the industry leading framework of Remark Office OMR, Remark Test Grading allows districts, schools and teachers to print their own multiple choice answer sheets and scan using existing image scanners or copiers. The software walks teachers through the test grading process and provides powerful reports and grade export options. Remark Test Grading is available as a cloud solution or installed Windows software.

Gravic continues to update and improve our products while at the same time looking to new technologies to meet the needs of our customers well into the future.

Partners and Resellers

Working with our industry leading partners and our worldwide distribution network, the Remark software products remain among the most popular data collection products in the world.

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