Remark Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Remark Solutions help thousands of non-profit organizations collect and analyze data from a variety of forms, including surveys, evaluations, assessments, ballots, and many other forms.

Helping Non-Profit Organizations Automate Their Data Collection Since 1991

Gravic’s Remark products are used by a wide variety of non-profit organizations for collecting and analyzing data from surveys, evaluations, ballots, and other forms. Whether you are working toward a research grant, gauging the interest and satisfaction of your members, or reporting on your meetings or conferences, we have a solution to streamline your data collection and analysis. Our solutions automate the data collection process, eliminating manual data entry costs and errors.

Surveys and Evaluations

Remark products provide powerful, cost-effective solutions to automate your survey and evaluation data collection. The built-in analysis reports and flexible data export options can handle all of your projects, both large and small.

What can we help with?

  • Survey Research
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Pre/Post Treatment Evaluations
  • Personality Surveys
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Remark Office OMR

  • Create paper surveys and evaluations in Word
  • Print on regular paper
  • Scan using any imaging device
  • Built-in analysis reports and data export options
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Remark Web Survey

  • Create and administer online surveys on your website
  • Control your data and recipients list
  • Built-in analysis reports and data export options
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Pennsylvania non-profit aimed at informing children about drugs and alcohol administers underage drug/alcohol driving pre-post tests

A local non-profit organization assess programs and events

A large international organization conducts conference evaluations

Milwaukee based community revitalization non-profit administers pre-marriage surveys on healthy relationships

An organ and tissue donation bank distributes surveys to donor families

A child care and development non-profit deploys early infancy development forms

A support service for children’s mental and physical health administers mental trauma screens

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Analysis and Data Exporting

  • Built-in analysis reports
  • Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel
  • Data can be exported to over 30 formats including: SPSS, Excel, CSV, SQL
  • Combine Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey for mixed-mode evaluations

Event & Conference Evaluations

You spend a great deal of time and effort putting together events, from fundraising to planning and organizing. Remark products allow organizations to show the success of their programs and see which areas need improvement.

Event and Conference Evaluations

Gather feedback from participants, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to improve your future events.

Easily create and deploy paper evaluations for smaller groups to improve response rates. With Remark Office OMR create your forms in Word and process them with any imaging device.

For online evaluations use Remark Web Survey to create and administer online forms on your website.

Session and Speaker Feedback

Evaluate your speakers and sessions. Get high response rates with simple paper forms distributed at your sessions. Know which content and speakers to invite back or use at future events.

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Voting Ballots

Let Remark Office OMR simplify your elections by automating your paper ballot processing.

Eliminate manual data entry for ballots with Remark Office OMR. Create your own ballots in Word and print them on regular paper. Easily scan completed ballots with an image scanner or copier.

Use the built-in Ballot Response Report to see election results. In addition, use the powerful data export options to save your data to a variety of formats including Excel, Access, and more.

Remark Office OMR

  • Works with ballots you create
  • No special paper or scanner required
  • Review images of completed ballots
  • Built-in Ballot Response Report
  • Easily export data to a variety of formats
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What can we help with?

Other Uses

Remark products provide a simple and cost-effective way to collect data from paper and online forms.

Remark Office OMR allows you to automate the data collection process from any paper form where respondents are selecting options. You create your own forms for ultimate flexibility.

With Remark Web Survey you create and administer online surveys on your website. You control your recipient list and data.

Increase your response rate with mixed-mode (paper and online) responses by using Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey together.

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