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Remark Office OMR Software

Data collection and analysis software for surveys, tests and other plain paper forms. You create your own forms that are scanned with an image scanner or copier.

The World’s Most Popular Data Collection Software!

Having delivered results to customers across a variety of industries for more than three decades, our Remark Office OMR product is the industry standard. Whether you need to process tests, assessments, surveys, ballots, observations, or other forms, Remark is the tool that will get you quick and accurate results. Through years of customer feedback, we have carefully designed our product to be user-friendly while providing a rich feature set to satisfy the specific needs of individuals like you. 

Why Remark?

A product you can count on

  • The first plain-paper OMR product constantly developed and improved since 1991.
  • Serving over 100,000 customers in 130+ countries
  • Billions of forms successfully processed
  • Industry-leading customer support team

Advanced recognition of data from your forms

  • Award winning, patented OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology
  • Create and print your own forms
  • Handles cross-outs, multiple marks, damaged forms, and other anomalies
  • Reads barcodes and OCR (typewritten text)
  • Supports reading handwriting (ICR) through a Microsoft Computer Vision account (requires your own subscription)
  • Include form, page, and respondent identifiers for complex forms
  • Easily sorts forms by allowing users to mix forms of different types into the same batch
  • Allows for data validation and transformation, which allows you to validate what is found in your data, turn exception flags on or off, enter new data, or clear data for desired questions

Provides much more than just data recognition!

  • Use your existing office equipment with no special forms or scanners needed
  • Create your forms with any word processor or design tool
  • Print your own surveys, evaluations, assessments, observations, ballots, and other OMR forms on regular printer/copy paper
  • Respondents can fill out your forms with pen, pencil, marker, etc.
  • Built-in analysis provides detailed analysis of your test or survey data
  • Export data to any database, spreadsheet, or analysis tool

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