Balloting and Elections Made Easy with Remark

Getting your elections right the first time with Remark Office OMR.

Simplify Elections by Instantly Scanning Paper Ballots and Tabulating Election Results with Remark Office OMR!

Are you in search of a reliable solution to streamline your balloting and election processes? Look no further! Our Remark Office OMR software is your go-to tool for effortlessly processing and analyzing paper ballots. This easily scalable solution can assist you whether conducting an election with one hundred or one hundred thousand voters. Remark is designed to meet the unique needs of state or local elections, primaries, school board elections, student council elections, trade union elections, homeowners association ballots (HOAs), corporate proxy voting, or any other general elections. Need to validate the results of your election? Remark can also be used for election auditing or recounts.

Balloting and elections made easy with Remark Office OMR!

Quickly process your ballots. Give immediate results to your constituents and candidates, ensuring quick and accurate election results.

Use Remark to Accurately Produce Your Election Results

Remark Office OMR Software

Discover the versatile solution for ballot scanning and election processes, designed to streamline data collection and tabulation from various voting forms!

  • Effortlessly design and print custom ballots for your election.
  • Print your ballots on standard copy paper or have them professionally printed if large quantities are needed.
  • Use any common scanner or copier for scanning your ballots.
  • Accurately processes ballots containing fill-in-the-bubble (OMR) areas, barcodes, typewritten text (OCR), or handwritten text (ICR).
  • Displays the scanned ballot images to you so you can review any questionable or multiple marked items (where this is not expected).
  • Tabulates and provides results of the election.
  • Exports data seamlessly to various data management systems or analysis applications.
  • For over 30 years, Remark Office OMR has successfully processed billions of forms for over 100,000 users across more than 130 countries!
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