Learn how Pat Harold and his team at Spectrum Business Solutions help people in the education, government, and military markets with their data collection needs in conjunction with Remark Office OMR.


Remark Customer Hall of Fame member, Pat Harold is a Senior Consultant at Spectrum Business Solutions, which offers one of the broadest ranges of support services for Remark data collection software available today. Spectrum’s services are tailored to meet the specific needs of government and education, and include installation, form design, end-user training and systems integration. Typical solutions provided by Pat’s company include student assessments, tests, student surveys and civil service exams.

As a Remark Office OMR partner, Spectrum’s experienced consultants have helped government agencies, educators and the military meet these and many other data collection requirements.

As an example, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently implemented a human resource shared service initiative. As part of this effort the HR department now provides pre-employment and promotion exam services for multiple agencies. The consolidated work required a more efficient process to; collect data from answer forms, score exams, provide a complete statistical analysis, upload the results to the existing PeopleSoft database and archive completed forms.

Spectrum Business Solutions was selected to implement a more flexible approach using Remark Software that allowed older proprietary data collection systems to be retired and to help combine exam operations. The Spectrum solution also allowed the HR group to offer new capabilities including custom forms, surveys, faster turnaround and more robust analytics.

The MTA and many Spectrum customers have realized benefits that include:

  • Flexibility – custom exam or survey forms are now designed using MS Word and laser printed on plain copy paper, as many as are needed when they are needed.
  • Lower cost – greatly improved price/performance over the old system.
  • Completed forms are scanned using secure, local PC based software and document scanners.
  • Immediate reports include scores, sub-scores, a complete item analysis and exam statistics.
  • Exam images are automatically indexed and stored electronically for easy retrieval.
  • Exam results are formatted for export to the existing database.
  • An open and scalable solution that can be sized to meet any volume.

Spectrum is dedicated to providing solutions specifically related to Remark Office OMR data collection products.

  • When an on-site needs analysis must be done.
  • In-house resources are time-crunched and an experienced consultant is the only way.
  • Users need hands-on training sessions.
  • The solution needs to be documented and custom user guides created.

Pat is available to help Remark users to better utilize Remark software for their organization’s needs. Contact Spectrum today at 1-800-390-1125 or [email protected] for more information.