Remark Test Grading Customers

Learn more about Remark Test Grading and see how real world customers benefit from the product.

More and more customers are finding the benefit of moving their test grading to the cloud with Remark Test Grading. Read on to learn what types of organizations are using the application. We are confident that Remark Test Grading will meet the needs of your organization as well!

K-12 Schools

Remark Test Grading is often found in K-12 education. You will find Remark in public schools, private schools, charter schools, and in Catholic and other religious schools.

Instructors quickly gauge learning mastery with their students through Remark’s paper and online tests, allowing them to spend more time with their students, not grading tests!

Higher Education

Remark Test Grading is quickly becoming the popular choice for universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical schools for grading tests.

As schools decentralize test scanning services, Remark allows them to move the testing function from a centralized location out to the individual instructors or departments. Less moving of papers around your school, and quicker turnaround on your important exams!

Other Remark Test Grading Customers

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It is not just traditional schools who use Remark Test Grading. Large corporations use the application for employee training, medical organizations use if for certification, and local governments use it for testing job candidates. Any organization that needs to deliver tests to any population can use Remark Test Grading to do it quickly and economically!

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