Loren Rice, a teacher at a college prep school in Texas, uses Remark Test Grading to help grade his masses of midterms and finals, preparing his students in a thorough and cost-effective manner.


At Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School, a private college prep high school, Mr. Loren Rice, an AP Science Teacher, and the rest of the Science Department teach a broad range of science courses. This includes instruction at the AP level as prescribed and tested by the College Board organization.

The Challenge

During the midterm and final exam season, Mr. Rice grades over 150 tests, each with over 100 questions. After previously using expensive traditional OMR sheets and paper tests graded by hand, he looked for a faster and easier way of grading exams.

The Solution

Mr. Rice first heard about Remark Test Grading¬†at a Catholic Schools Conference. He states, “The ease of use and the ability to grade things in my classroom prompted my purchase. I paid for the software myself without school funds, but it has been worth the money to me.”

The software is currently being used for grading tests and quizzes within his five AP Science courses and has provided an enjoyable experience when doing so. Mr. Rice says, “The product was very easy to use, with an almost negligible learning curve. The time it saves me in grading test and quizzes, even the time saved walking down the hall to the scanner, is huge. Also, the ability to save the test and go back to print reports is very important”.

When asked, Mr. Rice tells us his favorite features of Remark Test Grading are the ease of use, the students liking the forms, the ability to save the test, and the ability to print a variety of reports. He also tells us, “My students tell me that the format of the printed answer sheets is much easier to use than that of other scanning companies such as the traditional OMR forms. I am currently trying to convince the rest of our department to purchase a department wide license for the software”.