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World’s Most Popular OMR Software:

  • Serving over 100,000 customers in 130+ countries.
  • Billions of forms processed since 1991.
  • Industry-leading customer support team.

Advanced Recognition of Data:

  • Award-winning OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology.
  • Handles cross-outs, multiple marks, damaged forms, and other anomalies.
  • Reads barcodes and OCR (typewritten text).
  • Supports reading handwriting (ICR) through a Microsoft Computer Vision account.


  • Use existing office equipment with no special forms or scanners needed.
  • Create forms with any word processor or design tool.
  • Print surveys, evaluations, assessments, ballots, and other OMR forms on regular printer/copy paper.
  • Respondents can fill out forms with pen, pencil, marker, etc.
  • Built-in analysis reports.
  • Export data to any database, spreadsheet, or analysis tool.