Tyrah Hodge, serving as the head of assessment and examinations in the Virgin Islands’ Ministry of Education, oversees the coordination and monitoring of examination processes to uphold local, regional, and international educational standards. In her job, Remark Office OMR plays a pivotal role in grading exams for primary and secondary schools. With the use of Remark, they have significantly enhanced their efficiency in grading and result reporting, saving weeks of valuable time in this crucial process.

The Solution

Post-examination data collection poses a significant challenge, a difficulty experienced by many organizations in similar circumstances. With the need for detailed reporting statistics, Remark Office OMR’s features proved instrumental. Utilizing functions like commonly missed questions, test reliability scales, and response breakdowns, the Examinations Unit gained valuable insights into student performance.

Impact and Benefits

Remark Office OMR seamlessly integrates with the existing systems and workflows within the territory, supporting collaborative efforts across stakeholders. This has streamlined reporting timelines, reducing the time required for marking and grading papers. The software’s review and recognition capabilities have significantly enhanced result accuracy by identifying various types of errors made by candidates. This heightened accuracy has exceeded expectations and improved the accuracy of candidates’ scores. The Examinations Unit has also significantly reduced the turnaround time for producing test results and data reports, achieving a 20% decrease from eight weeks to six weeks. Training on data sorting within Remark Office OMR has enabled Tyrah to deliver individualized school reports for over 19 schools, three months earlier than historical trends. “Remark Office OMR supports community building by ensuring every stakeholder gets the information they need to make informed decisions when navigating their roles in the education system.”

Training and Support

Remark’s customer service has been invaluable to their workflow. Tyrah claims they typically reach out to the Remark support team between 3-5 times a year. Tyrah says the support team, “has always been very supportive, knowledgeable and responsive.” Additionally, onboarding additional colleagues has been a successful process, facilitated by the support and resources offered through training and outreach. “All training and outreach support have met our needs.”


Tyrah Hodge emphasizes the importance of knowledge acquisition and its impact on performance improvement. By leveraging Remark Office OMR’s robust features and continuous support, the Virgin Islands’ Examinations Unit has transformed their examination processes, achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and stakeholder satisfaction. “I firmly believe when we know better, we do better.”