Find out how a leading data collection and reporting service bureau uses Remark Office OMR to help process millions of forms!


Images to Data, Incorporated (ITD), is a leading data collection and reporting service bureau, located in southeast Pennsylvania. Remark Office OMR is the backbone of many data collection projects performed at Images to Data, Inc., where annually they process nearly 1,000,000 forms, mostly double sided, using Remark Office OMR.

Their flagship application involves processing higher education course evaluations marketed through their sister company, College Survey Services, Incorporated (CSS). CSS acquires the necessary course section information from the institution (Microsoft Excel® format) and then delivers it to an ITD analyst. Each individual OMR survey is personalized (laser printed) with barcode and human-readable information to correspond with each course section being evaluated. The evaluations are pre-packaged by course section and furnished to the institution for distribution and completion in the classroom. The institution collects and returns the completed surveys to CSS. The surveys are then scanned in Remark Office OMR. The Remark software performs flawlessly, as our skilled data collection experts read and verify the “close-ended” (multiple choice) scanned data. In many cases, ITD will supply a “snap-shot” or image clip of an “open-end” or comment field for further analysis by the institution. Remark Office OMR natively produces these image clips and ITD uniquely identifies\renames these images for easy viewing and distribution.

Images to Data generate a rich array of reports from the data exported out of Remark Office OMR. Traditionally, ITD reports compare individual course section scores to:

  • The scores of all courses the same
  • The scores of all courses taught by this instructor
  • The scores of all courses in the same department/division
  • The scores of all courses in the same college/campus
  • The scores of all courses university wide.

College Survey Services has achieved great success based on the affiliation with Images to Data and the use of Remark products. Although 95% of ITD customers rely on our expertise to scan and clean the data, some customers may have a desire to maintain the scanning and verification process in-house using Remark. This can be accomplished using the pre-printed and personalized forms furnished by ITD, and then the customer will forward their data file (exported from Remark Office OMR) to ITD for custom reporting.

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