In this article, discover how the administrative assistant and survey coordinator in the office of institutional effectiveness at University of North Carolina in Pembroke collects and analyzes information pertinent to the university with Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey.


Susan Evans is the Administrative Assistant and Survey Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at University of North Carolina in Pembroke. Her team is responsible for collecting statistical data for the university, including providing future projections, historical data, requests for data, reporting to General Administration, completing outside surveys and implementing on campus surveys, and analysis for various departments.

The Challenge

According to Susan one of the largest projects she has been a part of was the university’s Summer School Survey. This was developed in an attempt to attract more students to the idea of attending summer session classes. The project was sponsored by the Provost and conducted by a student working on her senior project. Susan’s department was tasked with collecting the data for this important project. Over 2,000 responses were expected to be submitted and analyzed over the 9 day project period.

The Solution

Using both Remark Office OMR® for scanned paper surveys, and Remark Web Survey® for online versions of those forms, Susan was able to quickly collect and tabulate the 2,021 responses submitted for UNC’s Summer School Survey. Data from both versions of the survey were combined for analysis. According to Susan, “The analysis helped administration understand who was taking classes and why, what these students wanted or expected.”

Prior to using the Remark products, Susan’s team entered data by hand. Once she started using Remark Office OMR, Susan was impressed by the software’s ease-of-use and performance. In addition to the summer school research project, Susan has used Remark for a number of projects and says, “I love Remark! It makes survey implementation so easy. Making changes is fast and easy. It was easy to learn, very user-friendly.”

Favorite Features

The ease of survey analysis, assignment of the URL’s (Remark Web Survey), and the ease of survey set up are three of Susan’s favorite aspects of Remark products.