John Fosselman is a research associate with a large research group. He was tasked to help gather and process thousands of participant feedback from the Presidential Summit on Volunteerism in just a short window of time, so he turned to Remark Office OMR.

The Challenge

The challenge was to collect data from thousands of evaluation forms completed by participants in the Presidential Summit on Volunteerism held in Philadelphia.

The Solution

John Fosselman, a research associate with FERA (Formative Evaluation Research Associates), Ann Arbor, MI, was glad a referral led him to call Gravic. His company was called upon to organize participant feedback from the President’s Summit, an extremely important and highly publicized event designed to inspire America to increase community service and volunteer work. He needed a quick and efficient way to process thousands of forms, and the summit was only a few weeks away.

No problem! Gravic’s Remark Products Group staff members helped him design the evaluation/registration forms to be used with Remark Office OMR® and even worked with Panasonic to get some high speed scanners for the project.

Event organizers were quickly able to use the information from the paper evaluation forms to report on the Summit’s effectiveness, guide planning for future efforts, and help assess community progress.

Mr. Fosselman was pleased with the project’s results. The Summit was a success, and he had the data to prove it.