Remark Test Grading Cloud

Remark Test Grading Cloud allows busy teachers to quickly create and grade tests in the cloud so that you can get more accomplished with less. With just a few clicks of the mouse teachers can create a test answer sheet, print a copy for every student (personalized or generic), scan the results, grade according to the answer key they provide, and generate meaningful reports. Remark Test Grading Cloud offers the utmost in ease of use, flexibility, and cost savings.


Saves Thousands of Dollars

  • Create and print your own answer sheets – No special paper required
  • Use existing hardware (image scanners or multi-function printers)
    • Stop maintaining special machines that can only read expensive test forms
    • Turn any image scanner or MFP into a test scoring system

Easy to Learn and Use 

  • Straight forward web interface accessible from any modern web browser
  • Access from Windows PCs, Macs, or tablets
  • Nothing to install for easy school-wide deployments
  • Easy to create test answer sheets that can be personalized for each student if desired or allow students to bubble in their IDs

Saves Teachers Time and Provides Comprehensive Test Analysis

  • Scan test answer sheets and have them automatically graded – No more manual data entry
  • Use for tests, exams, quizzes, and other assessments
  • Create your own custom test sheets or use one of the standard tests forms with 25, 50, 100 or 200 questions.
  • Forms can include an open response area for grading essays, short answer, or other handwritten answers
  • Include math questions with grids for entering numbers, decimals, and fractions
  • Built-in test grading reports show student, class, and item performance on the test
  • Grades multiple test versions
  • Easily export your grades to gradebooks and student management systems

Reliability at its Core

  • Built on the industry leading framework of Remark Office OMR
    • For over 25 years the world’s most popular OMR software product!

Click here for a detailed feature list. Ready to take a test drive? Click here to request a trial license.