Remark Classic OMR Timeline

Remark Classic OMR 6
October 2018
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New Features and Enhancements:

  • Fresh New Look: The interface has a fresh new look to better match modern Windows applications.
  • New Scanner Support: Added support for DATAWIN 10, 30, 50 and 300 series OMR scanners.
  • Data Center:
    • *MariaDB Support: MariaDB is now supported for exporting data through ODBC.
    • *Run Database Lookup on a Data File. When using the Database Lookup feature to validate/extract data from an external file, you can now rerun the database lookup on an open data file after scanning.
    • Save Database Lookup Changes to New Template: When a template’s database lookup information is modified from the Data Center, you can now save those changes to a new template (as oppose to only overwriting the currently open template).
  • Automation
      • Chain Automation Files Together: When using automation files to run the software with minimal user interaction, you can have one automation file launch another automation file for added functionality.
  • Remark Quick Stats:
    • Updated Answer Keys and Survey Definition Files: Answer keys are now more flexible to allow you to reuse them after changes have been made to the corresponding template (e.g. removing or adding questions).
    • More Robust Partial Credit: When grading tests and applying partial credit to a question, you can now include any combination of answer choices and associated point values.
    • Support for Learning Objectives and Standard Answer Keys. You can now use Learning Objectives and Standard Answer keys at the same time when you use multiple test versions.
    • More Question Options for Standard Answer Keys: Standard answer keys now allows a differing number of correct responses between versions for questions in the same position, and allows correct AND/OR per question per version (for questions with more than one correct response).
    • *Export to Excel with Multiple Test Versions: When grading tests with multiple test versions (answer keys) you can now export reports to Excel.
    • *Custom Decimal Points in Excel Export: You can set the number of decimal points to use when exporting reports to Excel in the Remark Quick Stats preferences.
    • *All Reports are Available when Using Batches and Multiple Test Versions: When grading tests with multiple test versions (answer keys) all reports are now available when setting up a report batch.
    • *Automatic Splitting of the Student Grade Report: The Student Grade Report can now be split into individual student files for easy emailing and distribution.
    • *Email Reports to Individual Recipients. You can now email reports to individual students. This feature is particularly useful for emailing student grade reports and other reports that are specific to a respondent.
    • Run Multiple Report Batches at Once: The ability to chain report batches together was added, so that one batch finishes you can set off another one automatically.
    • Student Statistics Report Updates: The popular Student Statistics Report was updated to be more user friendly in the order in which items are displayed. You can also show or hide the objective/subjective score columns (displayed when a subjective question is in use).
    • *Ballot Results Report: A new report was added to streamline the tabulation of ballot style responses. It tabulates and displays the choices in order from highest to lowest selection.


  • Data Center:
    • Error 32811 when Reviewing Regions with Duplicate Values: An error #32811 was fixed when reviewing data that had repeating values as the answer labels.
    • Custom Export: A problem was fixed where the custom export experienced a lag for excessively large files.
    • *Custom Export: A problem was fixed where the custom export was not saving the start line for data output.
  • Remark Quick Stats:
    • Opening Saved Answer Keys/Survey Definitions with Multiple Data Sets: Remark now properly opens saved answer key and survey definition files when multiple data sets are in use.
    • *Non-Tabulated Regions Showing as Tabulated in Advanced Survey: A problem was fixed where non-tabulated regions appeared as though they were being tabulated in Advanced Survey due to a refresh issue.
    • *Selecting Textual Questions as Subjective: A problem was fixed where you were able to select textual questions as Subjective questions in Advanced Grade. You can now change the question to numeric and set it to Subjective, but it cannot be used for Subjective if it is set to the textual data type.
    • *Exporting Numeric/Textual Results with Grades: A problem was fixed where all possible columns of data appeared when exporting grade results to the textual or numeric formats.
    • *Invalid Responses on Detailed Item Analysis Report: A problem was fixed where hand entered invalid responses were not being properly shown on the Detailed Item Analysis Report when exported to Excel.
    • Exporting Reports to Excel with International Characters: The Excel export now supports international characters in the question names.
    • *Student Response Report Incorrect Highlighting: A problem was fixed where the Excel exported version of the Student Response Report incorrectly highlighted multiple responses as green (correct) when they were properly graded as incorrect.