Remark Classic OMR Product Updates

Details on the most recent updates to Remark Classic OMR

Remark Classic OMR is continually updated as technology and user needs change. The current major release version is Remark Classic OMR 7. In the sections below you will find details of changes that were made in each of the listed versions. If you are not on the current version, see what you have missed!

If you are not currently on version 7, we highly recommend you upgrade to this version. The Remark Team supports the current major release and one release back. If you have an old version and would like to upgrade please contact our sales team.

Important Note! Customers with a current maintenance agreement receive free updates and upgrades right from within the software!

Remark Classic OMR 7 Updates

Please use the software’s built-in check for updates feature to see if updates are available. If you have valid maintenance, you can download and install the updates for free, otherwise you will need to renew your software maintenance by contacting our sales team.

Remark Classic OMR 6 Updates

If you are using Version 6 and you do not have valid software maintenance, you have missed a lot! We do not provide updates or downloads of version 6 any longer. You should contact our sales team to upgrade to Remark Classic OMR 7.

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