Mike Wilson is a research analyst performing data analysis within the Institutional Research Office at El Camino College. His office provides overall data for their college departments, staff and faculty along with analysis of that data. They also work with various departments and programs to produce customer/user feedback that is useful to make program changes. Mike uses Remark Classic OMR and Remark Web Survey in his research and has been a loyal Remark user since 2002.

Previously he used a product called Bubble Publishing, which did not have a web survey feature but did have a report feature. It migrated into the Magenta software (Data Blocks) and that is where he came to use the Remark products. Their main purpose for using the software is to create both online and paper surveys for the faculty and departments, which is particularly helpful for program review and accreditation. They receive requests from deans, department heads and their vice presidents to create employee and student surveys. They send Mike a Word document with their questions and/or meet with him to discuss their needs. Mike’s group creates the survey and posts it online, or sends them a PDF if it is a paper survey so they can look over the survey and make any corrections. Once the survey is approved, Mike prints the copies they need or sends them the link to be distributed. He then runs an analysis on the data gathered when the survey is completed. For many of the surveys the Condensed Item Analysis Report is sufficient, but often they use the various other reports and even export the data to SPSS for additional breakdowns on the data.

Mike really likes that, “We get excellent support and that Remark integrates suggestions for changes in the software. The support staff answers questions promptly and researches questions they don’t have an immediate answer for and follow up quickly.” We are very appreciative of Mike’s willingness to work with us and provide suggestions that help improve the software for him and our tens of thousands of customers.