Collecting University Research Data Using Remark Office OMR

Learn how the Center for Youth and Communities at Brandeis University used Remark Office OMR to evaluate research data from thousands of surveys.

Switching from Online to Paper Course Evaluations to Increase Response Rates

See how the American Gastroenterological Association switched from online to paper course evaluations to improve their response rate from 6% to 34%.

Remark Office OMR assists with data collection and analysis of conference evaluation forms

Remark Office OMR assists a Non-Profit organization with data collection and analysis of conference evaluation forms.

WARP7 Robotics Team Collecting Scouting Data at Robotics Competitions with Remark Office OMR

Learn about how the WARP7 Team uses Remark Office OMR for collecting scouting data at robotics competitions.

Scanning Conference Evaluations with Remark Office OMR

Expanding Your Horizons encourages young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers by providing role models and hands-on activities for middle and high school girls. See how they were able to scan and analyze their evaluations.

Remark Products in Action: Glenmoore Eagle Little League Player Assessments

Creating fair and balanced little league teams is a very complex process. Glenmoore Eagle Little League strives to create teams with a 50/50 win-to-loss ratio, making the season enjoyable for all the children and parents. In the past this goal was achieved by manually entering talent ratings of every child into a spreadsheet. This was a painstakingly slow process, so three years ago they started using Remark Office OMR® to scan and process player evaluation forms saving an enormous amount of time and effort for the volunteers who perform these functions.