Streamlining Examination Processes with Remark Office OMR: A Case Study from the Virgin Islands

Introduction Tyrah Hodge, serving as the head of assessment and examinations in the Virgin Islands’ Ministry of Education, oversees the coordination and monitoring of examination processes to uphold local, regional, and international educational standards. In her job, Remark Office OMR […]

Using Remark Office OMR to Monitor School Bus Ridership

In our new case study, see how Pasco County School District Transportation Office uses Remark Office OMR to help maximize state funding through bus ridership attendance forms.

Using Remark Office OMR to Hold a Board of Education Election and Budget Vote

Introduction The Honeoye Falls–Lima Central School District in New York comprises 74 square miles including nine towns in three counties and serves over twenty-one hundred students. This year they had a very important Board of Education election that included votes […]

Florida School Benefits from Switch to Remark Test Grading

In addition to the semester exams, the Episcopal School of Jacksonville has begun to use Remark Test Grading Cloud for regular testing throughout the school year. George said, “We have been using Remark Test Grading Cloud for a few years now. We have enjoyed using it and are happy with the growth we have realized with the product.”

Illinois District Preps Students for the SATs

Discover how an Illinois school district uses Remark Office OMR to find the best means for preparing its high school students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

High School Science Teacher’s Thoughts on Remark Test Grading

My colleagues were all in line for the grading machine, and I just cruise on back to the copier and I just scan in all my tests… I head back to my desk, I take the PDF, download it into the program, and there’s my results. I’m done. Check out how Remark Test Grading Cloud streamlines the test grading process for a High School Science Teacher.

Future School Mongolia Helps Grade Olympiad with Remark Office OMR

Discover how Future School Mongolia used Remark Office OMR to grade over 800 student tests in a matter of minutes, while projecting the scans live to students, teachers, and organizers.

WARP7 Robotics Team Collecting Scouting Data at Robotics Competitions with Remark Office OMR

Learn about how the WARP7 Team uses Remark Office OMR for collecting scouting data at robotics competitions.

No More Paying for Special Test Sheets

Learn how Mr. Loren Rice, an AP Science Teacher at Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School, uses Remark Test Grading for Windows to streamline his test scoring.

WestEd Undertakes Large Scale Student Surveys with Remark Office OMR

WestEd leveraged the efficiency of processing surveys with Remark Office OMR to not only save days of work but also be able to reach more students for their GEAR UP student survey.

Tabulating Surveys Not Designed to Be Tallied Electronically

Visalia Unified School District had already sent out surveys designed to be tabulated manually, but Adam Brown was able to use Remark Office OMR to electronically process the surveys to save a considerable amount of time.

Counseling Trends Survey

The National Association for College Admission uses both Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey to survey over 10,000 schools on counseling trends.

Grading Tests at a Statewide High School Math Competition

With the stakes high and the time frame short, see how Trevecca Nazarene University used Remark Office OMR to quickly collect, sort and grade exams for a scholarship awards competition.

Grading Assessments for Title IIB Grants

Learn how Capital Area Intermediate Assessments using Remark Office OMR to collect and analyze data from a variety of assessments, surveys, and evaluations under very tight deadlines.

The Beginning of a Remarkable Relationship – Collecting Data on Student Performance

Collecting data on student performance for students involved in a variety of programs with the help of Remark Office OMR.

Remarkable Addition to Data Collection – Evaluating the Kindergarten Program Through Two Assessments

Tom Hays discusses the remarkable addition to the data collection efforts: Evaluation of the kindergarten program through two assessments.

Collect and Analyze Test Data for Title I Schools

See how Tom Hays reduced the amount of time to collect data for Title I using Remark Office OMR.

Remarkable Changes to Instruction – Helping Teachers Understand Student Reading Skills and Adjust Instruction to Improve Them

After Tom Hays proved the feasibility and usability of Remark Office OMR for collecting data, his next challenge was to improve instruction in the elementary schools.

Using Remark Office OMR in preparing students for Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) at Osceola High School

For Osceola High School, “the features of the software also have given teachers and the administration information that would have been impossible to find out about trends over the entire school. This product has helped our teachers become data driven decision makers,” according to Mr. Connors.

Collecting and Analyzing Data from Teacher and Parent Surveys with Remark Office OMR for a Grant

Margaret Rutherford at Victoria ISD using Remark Office OMR to collect data for a grant.

Remark Software used in the Evaluation of PBS TeacherLine

Examining the effectiveness of online teacher professional development courses developed by PBS TeacherLine under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education with Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey.