Dr. Srikanta Rao first began using Remark Office OMR back in 1998 after visiting us at an AIR Conference. Over the years he has also used Remark Classic OMR and Remark Web Survey in his role at the Institutional Analysis, Assessment & Evaluation department at Tuskegee University. One of the nicest people on earth, Dr. Rao has always been happy to discuss his use of Remark with colleagues and has shared numerous ideas with the Remark team. Thank you Dr. Rao!

“We collect, analyze, organize and report institutional data on students, faculty, staff, administration, and other university-related characteristics such as enrollment, graduation, attrition of students. I stopped looking for other solution after I started using Remark products. Other departments also utilize our scanning services for their survey projects and grading exams. There is a tremendous saving of cost and time.”