When Dr. David Fresco isn’t teaching, he is using Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey to collect survey data from clinical research studies. He is continually making a difference in the public health sector with the help of the Remark software. Dr. Fresco uses the software for NIH trials, surveying college students participating in studies as well as other research participants. One notable project where Remark Office OMR was used was a public health study monitoring 80 patients in two programs.

When asked about the software, he says “it’s easy to get the hang of it.” He has been able to train about a dozen graduate students on how to use the software in minutes, and now they are teaching new students so he does not have to be directly involved. He also likes the flexibility of designing his own forms. We thank Dr. Fresco for helping us find exhibiting opportunities and telling countless colleagues about the Remark software over the years.