Ed Silverman has been a champion of the Remark products since his first purchase of version 1.1 in 1993. Over the years he has helped guide our product development through his great suggestions and by sharing his knowledge of the needs of institutional research departments. Additionally, Ed has always been happy to help colleagues who needed advice on our scanning or web-based products. Thanks Ed for your great contributions to our products!

Ed has used Remark Office OMR & Remark Web Survey for over a dozen years, but the Web more so. He uses Remark products for course & teacher, new freshmen, graduate, undergraduate, transfer students, academic research, departmental, assessment, accreditation, health, and “quick” general surveys. “As a one-person Institutional Research Office responsible for my college’s course & teacher surveys as well as almost all other surveys faculty/staff here want/need done, it would be impossible to do survey work without Remark OMR & Web survey software. In fact, it would severely limit what other work I could do if I didn’t have Remark.”