Rusty Dunaway is the Manager of Learning Administration and Planning at Rollins, Inc., who owns Orkin Pest Control. In order to provide pesticide services, technicians have to go through extensive training. Rusty began using Remark Office OMR in 2002 to evaluate the effectiveness of this training and show the return on investment they were getting. He and his team develop all training to meet state requirements and make sure they comply with federal requirements, such as Sarbane Oxley standards. They used to train in the field, in one week increments. Now, they have a training center where they conduct basic training as well as satellite to conduct the training nationwide and in Canada. The facility has a commercial bakery, dining room, warehouse, bar, kitchen, hotel, hospital, supermarket, drug store, full home… all to train employees on how to do the job at each type of location. It acts as stage for advanced and basic training. As a result of this training, they process forms for 4000-6000 students a year to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Remark saves them an incredible amount of time and expense over their previous dedicated scanning system, which was challenging due to the particular forms they had to use. There was too much exchanging of forms, and questions and answers would become separated. Now they don’t need separate answer sheets.

Initially they used Remark Office OMR to survey before training and after training to confirm that pre-training took place and the effectiveness of the classroom training (pre/post tests). They were able to create their own combined question and answer sheet, which solved many of the problems they had with their old system. They also removed the costs associated with buying forms. The system allowed them to have electronic and hard copy documentation. They use Remark Quick Stats for analysis and Rusty particularly likes the item analysis reports to determine question validity. They need to show that they are challenging the participants. Another use is in the industry association field. Orkin (Rollins) can create their own programs within the industry associations due to their size. They teach classes for preparing for state exams (all technicians have to pass the exam to become certified). On these exams, 200 question tests are graded with Remark Office OMR. Previously they graded by hand, so this is a huge time saver.

When we asked Rusty what he likes most about the software, he said that Remark doesn’t require a large amount of technical skills. What makes us unique is the after purchase support and service. The free form review process was “invaluable.” He appreciates the kindness of our people. He can tell that employees have a “personal interest in Gravic and customer loyalty, and understand the importance of attracting new customers through good word of mouth.” He also says the software is “simplistic and intuitive.” Thank you Rusty, for your ongoing input into our software and support throughout the years.