Sam Ewing, owner of Ewing and Associates, a consulting organization that provides program and school improvement process support, uses Remark Office OMR to score and report on surveys as well as locally developed formative assessments that are aligned to state standards. For many of his projects, he obtains student demographic information from a database. He takes advantage of the mail merge feature of his database application to merge the student identifier onto the forms in the form of a barcode. Remark Office OMR reads the barcoded student identifier and then using the Remark software’s Database Lookup feature, outputs all of the NCLB demographic information from the database. This demographic information is used for reporting to help schools see if they are meeting year progress mandates. One notable application where Mr. Ewing used Remark Office OMR was administering pre- and post-tests to 4,000-6,000 students in a university math and science center. The assessments helped measure the effectiveness of instructor training.

In addition to the “great reports,” Mr. Ewing says he likes that the software is easy to use, pointing out that he “can train people so they can quickly do their own scanning in about 3 hours.” Mr. Ewing packages the software with training and service to provide a complete solution to his customers. We thank Mr. Ewing for spreading the word about Remark Office OMR through his training and implementation, and providing feedback from the field to Gravic to help shape the product.