Dan Fullerton is a physics teacher at Irondequoit High School in Rochester, NY. He uses Remark Office OMR to grade full-course assessments in all of his high school physics classes. Most notably, during the mid-term and final examination periods, Mr. Fullerton uses Remark Office OMR to quickly grade extensive, thorough assessments for well over 100 students.

Irondequoit High School incorporates Skills Based Grading in their physics classes to prepare students for the Regents Physics Exam at the end of the school year. As a result, Mr. Fullerton employs a unique philosophy when teaching his classes. Rather than something to stress about and fear, Mr. Fullerton uses grades as a method of communication, conveying to the students their individual strengths and weaknesses. With the help of Remark Quick Stats, he provides students with personalized reports detailing what they understand and what needs improvement. Furthermore, he is also aware of how the class is performing as a whole, and subsequently alters his lesson plans to address areas of weakness.

When asked about using Remark Office OMR, he said, “Once you have a system set up, using it in the future is a very quick and simple process.” He also observed that with the time he saves grading the tests, he can take the time to create a quality assessment and build, “a library of assessments [he] can pull off the shelf in the future.”

In addition to being a physics teacher at Irondequoit High School, Mr. Fullerton has created the APlusPhysics website and blog “to create a friendly, coherent and dynamic online resource with a consistent theme; an integrated toolset which can be easily customized to meet the needs of a diverse student and educator constituency while incorporating best known practices in physics education research. The site is designed for easy integration with physics modeling strategies, standards based grading (SBG), mastery learning, and “alternate pathway” programs which support students who, for various reasons, aren’t able to fit into the standard classroom educational model.”

We greatly appreciate Mr. Fullerton’s willingness to provide feedback and suggestions on improving our products. He has been a beta tester for our Remark products and even written several informative blog posts about how he uses Remark Office OMR. We thank him for his continued support and invaluable feedback about the software.