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Remark Software for Corporations

Remark products give you what you need to keep your business competitive. By asking questions of your customers and employees, you give your business the most valuable business tool of all – knowledge. Remark software helps you acquire knowledge quickly and efficiently, so you have an edge in attracting and retaining top employees, developing products that you know your customers want and measuring your performance against competitors. Whether you use web forms or scannable paper forms – or both – the Remark products give you the tools you need to get your data immediately. And because you can design your own surveys, forms and tests, you can use the software for a variety of different purposes.

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Customer Comments

William Stock, Lumir Research Institute, says “I was interested in a reasonably priced option, and eventually chose to use Remark Office OMR, Remark Web Survey, and a Fujitsu scanner – all marketed by Gravic. The software and hardware were easy to install and use, never gave me a problem, and had an excellent interface with SPSS – the package I use for most analyses. I am pleased to give the Remark products my highest recommendation.”

Dick Mayer, Organization and Human Development, says “Remark OMR and Remark Web Survey are a vital part of the tool set I use everyday. Every associate I have recommended their software to has later confirmed that my advice was appreciated.”

Stephanie Dubin, Ciurczak & Company, Inc., says “It is a pleasure calling technical support because anyone I’ve ever spoken to has exceeded my expectations in helping me solve issues.”