Julie West is the Coordinator of Research and Special Projects for the Student Housing Services at the University of Guelph. She uses Remark Web Survey for the mounds of research her department collects.

She conducts research projects on service satisfaction, staff and training evaluations, creates student registrations, runs fundraisers via the web, and has worked with the psychology department (and others) on a wide variety of projects. Recently she ran fundraisers for charity where respondents had to match a baby picture or pet picture to a staff member or discover little known information about colleagues in the game ‘Two truths and a lie’. They are continually doing staff evaluations where students and residents rate the student staff, as well as daily training evaluations. In all, Julie is conducting 27 different web surveys.

What she enjoys most about the software is its ability to neatly collect open-ended questions. Prior to using Remark Web Survey, staff members had to manually type comments into their data collection system. When she showed them the comments in Remark Web Survey, they were amazed that it took ”a matter of seconds to convert the comments.” Ms. West finds the software easy to learn and greatly appreciates the flexibility it gives her in tailoring a survey to any audience. Thank you, Ms. West, for your continual feedback and suggestions that have directly shaped the Remark Web Survey software.