Student and Alumni Surveys

Gather feedback from your students and alumni quickly and easily via the web or mail. Create your paper forms with any desktop publishing application, print and distribute. Then use Remark Office OMR to scan the forms with an image scanner and generate results instantly. If you want to do your surveys online, Remark Web Survey has an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly design and publish surveys to your own website. The Remark products also allow you to collect data from many other internal studies such as student life surveys, housing forms, student body election ballots and many more!

Customer Comments

Frank Lopresti, New York University says, “Remark Office OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), works extremely well… The software has been used at NYU for almost a decade. It has always proved to be robust and accurate.”

Ed Silverman, City College of New York, says “It would be impossible to do survey work without Remark OMR & Web survey software. In fact, it would severely limit what other work I could do if I didn’t have Remark.”

Dr. Srikanta Rao, Tuskegee University, says “(With Remark) There is a tremendous saving of cost and time.”